You may have seen cupcakes in a jar and if you have, you were probably amazed, wondering how these cupcakes could have ever been made inside of a jar. This sweet treat is definitely a unique and interesting idea, especially for adults. It basically makes childhood snacks fun for everyone, even those who are older and more mature. If you are interested in baking cupcakes in a jar, you should know that it is not nearly as difficult as it actually looks. In fact, the entire process of making cupcakes in a jar is quite simple as long as you have the right ingredients and, of course, the jars.

What Ingredients Are Needed?

There are certain ingredients that you will need to have on hand if you are making the cupcakes in a jar. Those ingredients include:

• 1 box of white cake mix
• 2 bottle food coloring (color of your choice/optional)
• 2 containers of frosting
• 10 jars (must have lids!)
• Sprinkles

As you can see, the list of ingredients needed is not long at all. A simple stop at the local grocery store will allow you to get these ingredients in just a matter of minutes so that you will be ready to create the cupcakes in a jar. If you are not sure where to get jars with lids, you can always check out arts and crafts stores, such as A.C. Moore or Michaels. These stores will usually carry jars of different sizes and sorts.

Directions for Making Cupcakes in a Jar

The first thing you will need to do is mix up the cake mix. It is easy to mix the cake mix, as the directions are listed on the box. You will likely need to take the cake mix ingredient and mix together with eggs and vegetable oil. After you have followed the directions on the cake mix box, you can place the batter into two different bowls. In the first bowl, you can add one type of food coloring and, in the second bowl you can add the other color food coloring that you have. Of course, this is optional but having colorful cake in a jar is a whole lot more appealing than just leaving the cake plain.

After you have added some color to the batter in each bowl, you will need a cupcake pan. Cupcake liners should be added to the cupcake pan to ensure that everything cooks correctly. Pour the cake batter into the liners and do not mix the colors. This means some of the cupcakes should be all one color while some of the cupcakes should be all of the other color. Bake the cupcakes as directed on the box of cake mix, which is usually anywhere from 18-22 minutes long. Once the cupcakes are baked completely, you can set them out and allow them to cool off completely before you get started with the rest of the process.

Once the cupcakes have cooled off completely, you will need to remove them from both the pan and the liner. You will need to take a knife and slice the cupcakes in a horizontal line, directly in half. Do this for all of the cupcakes. Next you will take your jars and a bottom of a cupcake in one color with a top of cupcake in the other color. Once the cupcakes are in the jar, you can add some frosting to the top of them and then finish it off with some decorative sprinkles. When you are finished with the decorations, your finishing result will be a tasty and delicious treat that is also different and unique. People will likely rave over the unique look and taste of your cupcakes in a jar. And, you will proudly be able to say that you are the one who created them.


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