When referring to amethyst, one usually thinks of the purple stone. However, green amethyst, also called prasiolite or vermarine, is very rare light green quartz commonly used in rings and other fine jewelry. It has become very popular and is especially well liked for anniversaries and other special occasions.

There are numerous reasons for the popularity of green amethyst rings. They are much more affordable than some other stones, such as diamonds. However, in most cases they may be cut the same as diamonds, resulting in a brilliant sparkle and luster expected to be found only in a diamond. Although they are gaining popularity, they are still quite rare, which also makes them more appealing. The unique color can either stand out in a piece or easily blend in with other gems. Green amethyst is an extremely hard and durable stone, which makes it suitable for everyday wear. However, it is generally not recommended that it be exposed to sunlight or extremely high temperatures for a prolonged period, as this may cause the color to change.

Genuine green amethyst engagement rings can sometimes be rather expensive because of their rarity. Because of the complexity of the molecular structure, green amethysts cannot be recreated in a lab, which makes them even more unique and valuable. However, some types of regular purple amethyst can be heat treated, which will turn it green. This is not true green amethyst and is often called praseolite in comparison to prasiolite, which is genuine green amethyst. It is also sometimes called “greened amethyst“. The heat treated amethyst is of a lesser quality and therefore ideally should not be used in jewelry. True green amethyst is mined in Brazil, Poland, and the Thunder Bay area of Canada. True green amethyst has a rather light leek green color in comparison to its heat treated counterparts which have a darker grass green color.

On a metaphysical side, green amethyst is said to have healing properties for the body, mind, and spirit. It is also believed by some that green amethyst helps to increase intelligence and focus, as well as increase wealth and prosperity, and generally improve overall health. It is also considered to bring good luck, happiness, harmony, sobriety, fertility, and balance emotions.

Cushion cut green amethyst rings can be found in both high quality jewelry stores and online jewelry stores. However, it may be a better idea to shop in person since it is sometimes difficult to really know what a ring looks like when viewing it on a computer screen. The beauty and luster of a green amethyst ring just cannot be accurately captured in photos, regardless of how brilliant the ring is or how high quality the photo may be. By shopping locally you can easily find either a high end dealer or a smaller chain store. Most jewelry stores also offer some sort of reasonably priced custom designing service, which can be very beneficial if you are on a budget.

Some people believe that the best green amethyst ring is one whose stone has not had to be laser cut to fit the setting. Sometimes when the stone is cut it can look rather artificially altered from the original state and the uncut gemstones just seem to have a much more natural beauty than their laser cut counterparts. Of course, this also depends on the skill of the jeweler as well as personal preference. A very highly skilled jeweler should have the ability to cut a stone all the while keeping its natural appearance. This is another reason it is so important to buy from a reputable dealer that only works with highly trained and experienced professionals.

Green amethyst rings are available in a variety of styles. Most can be cut into any style that you would find in a diamond ring including round, teardrop, oval, and marquis, among others. It can be set alone in a solitaire or surrounded by other gems. The light color is extremely versatile in jewelry designs and can easily be either the focus of the piece or incorporated into a design with a variety of other stones. The settings can be made of silver, white or yellow gold, even platinum if desired.

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