When you are planning a remodeling or home improvement project, you probably know that it will be easier and more stress free if you have the correct tools to do the job right. You will find that if you take the time to borrow, rent or buy the proper tools for the job, the amount of time you spend doing the work will be shortened considerably. It will be worth your while to be prepared with the appropriate equipment before you begin your task. If there are some tools that you probably will not need to use again after completing your project, it might be more cost effective to rent or borrow those.

However, a telescopic ladder is a handy item to have available to use for so many different occasions that it is wise to buy one, so you will have it any time you need it. You might be surprised how many times it would be helpful to have a ladder. A few of these occasions are: changing ceiling light bulbs, cleaning ceiling fans, taking down or putting up curtains, cleaning or painting high walls and ceilings, cleaning gutters, painting outside, repairing a roof and trimming trees. It is much safer to climb on a sturdy telescoping aluminum ladder than to stand on a chair for these tasks.

If your space is limited, you might wonder where you could store a large telescoping attic ladder when you are not using it. It should be kept it in an area where you will not be likely to bump into it and cause it to tip over and perhaps break things. If you store it up high in an out of the way spot, it may be so inconvenient to get it down that you will climb on a chair instead of using the ladder, and that is not a safe thing to do.

The solution to the problem is to purchase a telescopic loft ladder. These versatile ladders can extend from about 28 inches to over 20 feet, and the rungs extend in 1-foot increments. These aluminum telescopic ladders that telescope can be set up with one side on a stairway and the other side on the floor with level rungs on both sides. Two people can stand on these adjustable ladders at the same time, with one person on each side. The multipurpose telescopic ladders fold down compactly and can be stored in small spaces like under a bed or in a closet. Since they are so compact, they are easy to carry, and some of them come with a carrying handle or case. This innovative multi-purpose ladder is a stepladder, extension ladder, and adjustable ladder combined. Instead of keeping three ladders, you only need one versatile ladder that will do the job of several different ladders.

If you are a building contractor, or if you do home remodeling projects as your occupation, a telescopic ladder will be a valuable tool for your business. It will not be necessary to haul different ladders to the job site for different tasks. You will not need to use a pickup or truck to transport a long ladder, because a telescopic ladder will fit in the back seat or trunk of your car. You will save money by buying one ladder that can be adjusted to handle each situation. Instead of moving several long ladders from place to place throughout the day, you will save time by using just one adjustable ladder.

Telescopic ladders come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Most of the ladders are made of aircraft grade aluminum for strength and durability. Fiberglass ladders are available, but most people prefer those made of aluminum. Since they only weigh about 20 to 30 pounds, the ladders are easy to move around as you work. Most of the ladders can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. The cost of a telescopic ladder varies from around $100.00 for a basic shorter size to $800.00 for the taller heavy-duty model.

If you buy a telescopic ladder with the option to collapse all the rungs at one time, be very careful to have your hands out of the way as the rungs collapse, or select the option to collapse the rungs one at a time. Ten or twelve rungs falling on your hands at one time could cause injury. Collapsing the rungs singly might take longer, but it may be the safer method to use.

As with all tools, carefully follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions when using a telescopic ladder. Aluminum conducts electricity, so be cautious about working near electrical wires. Make sure your ladder is securely in place and that the rungs are fastened properly before climbing on it.

The adjustable telescopic ladder is so versatile that you will think it is your most valuable tool and will not want to be without it after you have used one for a while.

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