You bought that great glider rocker when you had your baby, but now your baby is a boy who wants a big boy bed and his own furniture, and the glider rocker is coming out of that room to make room for his new bed and desk. That glider rocker is one of the most comfortable chairs you’ve ever owned and brings back sweet memories of your time rocking him when he was little. You’d love to put it in one of your other rooms, but the color of the cushions don’t suit any of the other rooms in your house, and it’s also looking a little shabby after surviving baby messes. What should you do?

It’s simple. Replace the glider cushions! You can give your glider a fresh and clean new look simply by replacing the cushions. For a fraction of what it would cost to replace the chair, you can replace the rocker glider cushions. So if you want that glider to go in your florida room or your family room, you can choose the upholstery better suited to the chair’s new location. How do you do that?

You will need the glider manufacturer name, model and serial number. This information will most likely be found printed on a plate or sticker on the bottom or back of the chair.

If you bought your chair from a local furniture store you can call and ask them, since it’s very possible they may have replacement glider cushions in stock if it’s a popular model they still sell. Next step, if the local store doesn’t stock them, is to check and see if the company who made your rocker offers replacement outdoor glider cushions. Most companies these days have an online presence, so this is a pretty easy thing to check out. There are also specialty websites that sell only glider rocker glider cushions and replacement parts, so that would be another possibility.

Big department stores also sometimes stock cushions for the most popular rocking chairs. Target, Walmart, Sears, JC Penney, Costco, and other large chains often stock a wide variety of replacement upholstery in their retail locations, or make them available through catalog shopping. Large online retailers, such as Amazon, also offer replacements.

Just to save yourself some headache, you should measure the rocking glider cushions and check dimensions as well as the make and model number when purchasing premade cushions at a store, through a catalog, or online. If ordering online make sure that you double check both the measurements and the model number. This is especially important when ordering online or through a catalog since return shipping on oversized packages can be costly if the online retailer requires you to pay it.

The nice thing about replacing the pads is that the chair will have a whole new look, and you can most likely find pads that will complement the room you choose to relocate your glider rocker.

No replacements for your rocker? Not to worry! You can have cushion covers made for a fraction of the cost that a new rocker would cost. Most reupholstery shops in your area can do the job. This may actually be a more attractive option, since then you can pick from a much wider range of fabrics and colors.

If you’re clever with a sewing machine, McCall’s and Simplicity make cushion patterns for many of the top name glider rockers. You can then choose your own fabric and trim from a very wide selection.

When choosing your new pads or the fabric they’ll be made out of, make sure to carefully consider where you’re relocating it and who will be using it. Is it going in front of a window? Make sure it’s a fade resistant fabric. Will it be in a room where the kids are likely to romp and spill? Dark colors and scotchgard or other protective coating would be a good idea.

In these days of reduce, reuse and recycle isn’t it great that you can give your glider rocker a new look and extend its useful life?

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