Before you get out the scrub brush, gloves, cleaning chemicals and your enthusiastic effort as you prepare to clean your couch, there are a few things you may want to consider. Perhaps you have a couch that is filthy and you are struggling with the “know how” of the proper steps that need to be taken in this cleaning endeavor, here are a few useful guidelines on how to clean a couch.

Depending upon the fabric or materials that your couch is made out of will be the determining factor of how and what to use to clean the couch. For example, if you have a leather couch, you are more than likely not going to unzip the cushion covers and throw them into the washer. However, if you do have the type of couch that has removable and washable covers, you are in luck! This type of couch may no always be the most attractive couch to purchase, but it is far most the easiest to keep cleaned. If you have small children you will be the first to admit that the baby bottle leaking, food that has been smeared and color crayon drawings are easier to remove if the covers are removable as well.

Removing the covers and tossing them into the washer is easy enough. But before you begin, make sure your washer is on the “cold” setting so that the covers do not shrink in the hot water. Also remember before you place the covers in the washing machine, do some hand spot cleaning with a mild detergent so that you will receive better results. DO NOT put the covers into the dryer once they have been washed! It is nice to have clean covers, but it is nice to have covers that fit properly back on the cushions once they have been washed. It is highly recommended that you hang dry the cushions for the best results.

Checking under your couch cushions or under the body of the couch for cleaning instructions is really important. Sometimes the instructions may be quite difficult to locate because each manufacture will place the tags in different areas on the furniture. Once you have read the tag to see if specific cleaning instructions have been given, take the cleaning suggestions or instructions seriously. Especially if your couch is still under warranty, you will want to follow the instructions so that you do not void the warranty. If you are unable to locate the cleaning instructions, contact the manufacture directly and they can offer you information on the best way for the couch to be cleaned.

To get the best cleaning possible, I would suggest the use of a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is not ideal for a leather sofa. Remember that there are very effective leather cleaners that can be purchased over the counter at your local retail department store that will leave your leather couch looking new once again.

Although our first reaction would be to get a rag, a bucket of cleaner, and begin scrubbing to get the couch cleaned. This is not the most effective way to clean the couch because you are basically rubbing the dirt and grime directly into the fabric and cushions instead of removing it. Using a method that applies water or cleaner into the fabric and removes it by some type of suction is only way to get the best and most effective cleaning results.

This is not a five minute project, so when you make plans on how you will clean your couch, consider all these factors mentioned above and you too will receive great lasting results.

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