Sure you have seen a gazebo, at the Zoo, in the city park, or maybe you already have your own. A place to get out from the rain to set down and rest your feet.

One of the best things about gazebos is that there are lots of options to choose among, ranging from victorian to a rustic style. They are available in kits or custom built, made of cedar, vinyl, pine, brick, stone or wrough iron, canvas, and all offer a great place to relax or entertain.

What’s more, even in winter a gazebos provide a get away place to any gardeners’ space. You can choose to screen or enclose your gazebo, in other words make a gazebo your outdoor room. Throw a beautiful firepit and seats into your gazebo, now you can enjoy anybodies company in any kind of weather.

The big challenge in picking a gazebo is to find just the right place for it. Finding the right place really depends upon what your plans of use are. If it is a private escape find a place hide deep within your garden or if you plan on entertaining, place it in a convenienent spot for your guest is a general rule. Try to find an attractive home for your gazebo, which is more likely to enhance your landscape and provide a perfect refuge for you and your guest. If purchasing the gazebo local, check with the retailer to see where they would advise placing it.

The other challenge is choosing the style of your liking. Victorian is one of the main styles for gazebos, other styles are pagoda, rotundas, pergolas, alambras, follies, belvederes, kiosks, pavilions, tent and rustic. Gazebos come in octagon, oval, square and rectanglar shapes. You can buy a gazebo kit at a local building supply or pick a tent style at a discount store, or order them off the internet. Purchasing a plan and building a gazebo is an option for the do it yourself person. If the local store hasn’t got the gazebo you’re looking for in stock, ask them if they can order it for you.

The form and size of the gazebo is also important to be consider. The form and size should be proportional to the property it will be sitting on. The grade of your landscape, the soil conditions in the selected area, including wet areas and boggy places should be weighed. So make sure you place your gazebo in a spot where it can be used and enjoyed.

Gazebos can be used for small gatherings or for large groups if planned well. Floors, railings, roofs, built in benches, steps or stairs, ramps, screening or enclosure, plants, side walks, decorations, lights, ceiling fans, and storage are to be pondered while planning your gazebo. Gazebos, some which can be 20 feet in height or taller, often are used to define an area, such as a garden entrance , patio, spa or a backyard, but also are quite impressive as stand-alone structure in a landscape.

Once a style, location, size and form are established then you need to figure the cost of your gazebo. Purchasing a gazebo is simular to buying a car. With all the features and add on’s a gazebo could cost as much as a Cadillac or you could just get the basic paying around two thousand dollars . Even one better you could buy plans and building materials, being a do it yourself kind of person, and build a gazebo.

Personally, I prefer the Amish’s gazebos, they run around the same prices. The Amish use only screws most work is done by hand and they pay attention to details. The Amish have two shops, one in Pennsylvania and the other in California. They deliver anywhere in the United States using thier own trucks and they will set up the gazebos.

Once the gazebo is set up on your landscape, they often require very little maintenance and up keep. Over the years you can add to your retreat, plants, lights, screen, and decorations,. what ever you desire. Always make sure you find out what maintenance rules are required from the salesman and or manufacture. Investments have to be protected.

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