If you want to experience the outdoors but don’t want to experience the bugs, wind, rain or sun than a pop up gazebo is the best bet. These pop up gazebos come in several styles, sizes designs, and structures. They are also easy to put up and convenient for that last minute party or event. They are great for family outings or business events.

Types of Pop Up Gazebos

There have always bee the traditional gazebo made of wood or metal but these gazebos were not portable and they could not be moved from place to place. With the pop up gazebos the canopy can be moved from one part of the house to the other and to any event with ease. The ideal gazebo is one that is anywhere from 8 feet to 20 feet. The new gazebos are high quality, heavy duty steel or aluminum framed, with metal connections and removable walls. They also have zippered doors and PVC covered waterproof tops.

Portable pop up gazebos are convenient inexpensive and lightweight ad it sets up in seconds. They are sturdy, shower and sun proof and they come with carrying bags. There are some pop up gazebos are as small as 3’x3’these are great for kids to play in and get away from the elements. Many of these gazebos are made for play and others are made for hosting large parties and events. The stronger metal models are made for constant use and are made to withstand the elements.

How to choose the right Pop Up Gazebo?

Gazebos are great for weddings, barbecues, shows and family or business events. When choosing a gazebo start with what event the tent will be used for, how much you can afford, how safe the gazebo is, the ease of set up, is it water proof and wind resistant, what type of ground it will be standing on , is it soft or hard soil. Do you need aluminum or steel, how often will the gazebo be used, does it come with replacement parts and does it offer enough shade and is it truly portable. Gazebos are made to be taken to the beach, to picnics ad outdoors for kids to play and enjoy. They should be kid proof and able to withstand lots of traffic. The aluminum and steel structures are a little more expensive but worth the money. You want something that will stand up in the wind and is able to be put up and taken down several times with no problem. The price of these pop up gazebos can range from $100 into the thousands depending on the size and structure set up.


Pop up Gazebos are great for any occasion and there are ones made for small gatherings and large parties. There are gazebos that can be packaged up and thrown over your shoulder. There are pop up gazebos for every type of situation. If you want to enjoy your outing without worrying about the tent flying away or the rain coming through it than purchase the right type of gazebo. Get one that is sturdy, easy to assemble, comes with a good warranty and comes with basic replacement parts. Two locations that offer a great selection and reasonable prices are: www.gazebodeals.com; and www.GazeboCreations.com.

The style, convenience and ease of set up should be first priority when choosing a pop up gazebo. Choose according to your budget, the event, the soil and the location this will allow you to choose the best gazebo for your gathering. Gazebos can come with removable doors and windows, these are excellent for when the weather changes and the situation calls for an adjustment to ensure the comfortableness of the guest.

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