Folding closet doors are an enduring and classic look for a home. They come in many different styles and colors, and the best part about it is that won’t come off the track easily like sliding closet doors. Closet doors with the look of wooden blinds on the outside, or louvered closet doors, have been around for a long time and look good in almost any home environment. You can also get closet doors with paneled siding, which is a more modern look.

Whatever style you choose, make sure to have them installed correctly with smooth sliding and a sturdy track. These kinds of doors afford more space then you might get with other closet systems, and installing them is easy. You can get an entire kit at lowes, or at their web site,, for less than six hundred dollars. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the installation kit. If you are unsure of the best way to install it, or don’t know how to do it yourself, ask a friend to help you or have a contractor install it for you.

This will cost more, but it will be worth it in the long run if it means avoiding an incorrect installation, which could cause damage to your house. For the most part, bi fold closet doors are the perfect choice for any home because of the space that they save and because of their relatively low price. For instance, you could pay more than two thousand dollars for heavy sliding doors or doors that open on hinges, but if your closet needs are simple, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the look of a folding closet door system. If the wood ever gets chipped, it can be easily repainted, and if you need to take inventory or take a bigger look into your closet, taking one of the doors off its hinge is fairly easy.

If you need to take the doors off the track to refinish them or apply a new stain, that can easily be done, because they come off the track usually by simply pressing down on the metal pieces that keep it in place. When you are through and the stain has finished drying, just lift it back into place. Some people like to put curtains over their closet doors because they look a little bit nicer that way. You might want to consider doing this if you find your closet doors to be a little plain, or if the finish does not go well with your decorum. If you find that the closet doors that you have chosen are not at all a good fit for your house, you can take them back and choose a different style. Some places can have them custom-built for you. Just tell them exactly what you are looking for. An online store that does this is You should definitely check them out.

To get the most out of your closet system, you will want to save space. Closet bi fold doors will help you to do that. You can stack things on both sides more so than you could with ordinary closet doors, and things will not fall out on you when you open the doors to retrieve something. Folding closet systems have been around in houses since the 1950′s, and it doesn’t look like they will ever go out of style. They are simple yet elegant, and you will get many years out of them. If treated well, you may never have to replace them. If you think about selling your home or renting it out to someone, you will not have the headache of replacing your closet doors because their efficiency and durability will be more than enough to satisfy the next occupant. The knobs on these kinds of doors are typically either wooden or metal. If they are wood, they will probably come in pressed wood. Metal knobs are usually something study like bronze. Either way, they don’t break off easily and can withstand rough hands. Consider a closet door system for your house because you really cannot beat the simplicity and efficiency of this type of closet system. It makes things much easier to organize.

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