If you want to change the look of your home ,spruce it up a bit or just boost the décor a great way to do that is to upgrade the look of your closet doors it will change the whole out look of your home. A great door to consider is the Louvered closet door. It offers elegance, class and custom functionality at a reasonable price. Louvered closet doors come in several varieties, café, saloon, plantation, sliding, multifold, finished and unfinished. There are styles for every home.

Styles of Louvered Doors

Louvered doors can be custom built wit milled premium wood and functioning or fixed louvers. They can come with a finish already on like cherry or mahogany, or they can come stained or painted. These doors come in a variety of wood like cedar, mahogany, maple, oak, cherry and wood. Http://www.diyshutters.com/louvered-doors.htm has some great examples of beautiful louvered doors and how to choose which ones are right for you. Some of the handcrafted models are made with pegged, mortise or tenor joinery with a 3/8” louver blade. The craftsmanship is exquisite. Some of the louver doors are over paneled or full louver equipped for 2 and 4 door models. www.trustile.com has some of the most beautiful plantation style oversized louvered doors with vented louvers and false louvers that stay still and do not move.

The major styles of louvers come in café, saloon or plantation. The café style is great for laundry, dining and kitchen rooms. The saloon style is great for a rustic western themed home. Lastly the plantation style is great for any room it has a universal feel to it. Pine wood is very popular for the louvered door because it is a great hardwood and it is not prone to severe insect damage. Some louvered doors can be made to slide, as with bifold louvered closet doors and bypass as with accordion styled doors.

Benefits of Louvered Doors

A Louvered door is beneficial to any home because it adds elegance, to any décor. It is great for creating space in small areas. They are easy to install and are inexpensive. There are several styles to fit any theme of any home. They give a face lift to a home that has an old flavor to it. They are very versatile; they can be stained, painted and varnished to coordinate with any furniture. These doors allow the air to blow through in the case of the moveable louvers and in the case where this is not a concern the louvers can be secured to the door to act as a decorative model.


A louver is a special type of blind, or window shutter with a slate opening that can be created with horizontal or vertical slats, and this craftsmanship is what gives creation to any door. A louvered door whether unfinished, stained or painted can add a new sense of life to any home and its surroundings. It is and inexpensive way to add elegance and class. These doors are easy to install and with a little lesson from a do it yourself video and anyone can install this door. Depending on the style of the home there is a louvered door to compliment it. These doors can come in 2 or 4 panels and they can run about $500 and up depending on the style and the craftsmanship.

These doors are great for creative individuals who like to stain and paint their own furniture to give it a rustic or earthy feel. The possibilities are endless and the styles are many. If you would like to change the look and feel of your home start with upgrading the closet doors it will be the start of something interesting.

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