Folding Closet Doors 

Folding Closet Doors


You may be looking to renovate your bedroom. Changing the type of folding closet doors for bedrooms is one of the improvements you are looking to make.

There are many alternatives to the standard collection of closet doors that are built by default on new cookie cutter type homes. Some examples of these doors would include accordion doors, French doors and even louvered doors. In the paragraphs to follow I will give information about these three main type of doors.

You may be surprised to know that many alternatives are very fashionable and instantly provide a positive energy to the ambiance of your room. In addition to the positive change to the environment of your room the new renovation can provide extra living space and be very appealing to the eye.

You will find helpful information below in regards to the most popular types of doors and separators for your closet and/or wardrobe spaces.

Accordion Closet Doors:

These types of doors are named as such because they resemble musical instrument for which they share the name. They are available in wood and vinyl and are resistant to fire. If that wasn’t enough to have to consider an accordion door, they are also tough, lightweight and durable.

French Closet Doors:

French doors are more of an attractive alternative because not only do they come in wood and vinyl; they are also available in aluminum. As most doors come hinged, these doors can come as hinged or you can choose to have them as folding or sliding similar to that of the accordion doors. French doors include a glaze that appears to be glass or you can choose to have them with glass and have additional options such as beveled or grooved.

Louvered Closet Doors:

These types of doors have become a very common choice for people looking to build their home from the ground up or simply renovating one room or the entire house. Louvered doors help provide airflow from the room to the closet area without having to have the doors open, which is primary reason for having closet doors; to conceal your wardrobe or clutter that you want to keep from view.

All three of these types of doors can be found almost at any home improvement store such as Home Depot, Lowes or Menards. Additionally, these doors can be found online if you prefer not to leave your home and have these doors shipped to you. Keep in mind, that having the convenience of having these doors shipped to you also involves a shipping and handling charge. Some retailers may waive this fee if you choose to purchase a specified dollar amount. As a last option you can usually purchase your closet doors directly from the manufacturer.
As mentioned before you can purchase these doors online or directly from the manufacturer but with the convenience of having them shipped to you, there is a convenience charge.

How much do these doors cost anyway?

It all depends on the type of doors you choose. The price can range anywhere from $35 dollars to several hundred dollars, per door.

It all comes down to your renovation budget and the type of renovations that you plan to do to your bedroom and what type of look you are going for, in addition to the size and the quantity. Of course, quality matters as well.
There are many manufacturers to choose from including but not limited to Designer Doors, Inc., CraftMaster, Johnson, and Woodfold.

There are plenty of do it yourself resources available to help you install the doors yourself. If you don’t feel like the do it yourself type you can also have them professionally installed.

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