Spring is here and it is time to update those yards and give them new life. With the tight economy one thing that is beneficial is by creating new ways of saving money for your home and family. Why not start off the spring on the right foot and create a vegetable garden.

Okay, so you have pets and you are afraid they may start digging in your new garden. Well, nip this issue fast by adding garden fencing. Determine the height of fencing you will need to keep your pesky pets out of your new veggie garden. There are a lot of very simple fencing designs that stand around 3 feet which is perfect if you have a small dog. Remember it is only a way to detour your dog or other pet from entering this space.

Garden fencing can be found in an array of styles and materials. You can find home garden fencing made of wire, plastic, wood and resin. The hardest part is choosing the type you wish to use and just how decorative you wish the fencing to be in your yard.

When creating a new vegetable garden, you need to determine a few things.

1) How much space can you utilize for a vegetable garden in your yard?

2) Does the space get plenty of direct sunlight for the plants to grow?

3) Is there enough shade to help ward off some of the heat during the hottest part of the day for the plants?

4) Will fencing help keep the critters out of the area for the vegetables?

Be sure to make yourself a list of questions to determine if starting a vegetable garden is a good way to go for yourself. Taking baby steps into this new concept is always helpful, if you have never planted a vegetable garden before, be sure to do the research not only on the types of plants you wish to grow, but, also on the type of garden fencing you wish to use.

If you are just starting out, it is best to start off with simple decorative garden fencing, you can find simple wire fencing at your nearby home improvement center. Ask one of the representatives to lend you a hand in choosing the right type for you. If you choose a very simple wire and find that you don’t like the look of it, that’s okay, there are a lot of ways you can hide the wire. One great concept is to allow flowers or other vines to grow through the wire. A great flower to use for this is Morning Glories. The colors of the blossoms is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces when they see the pretty colors surrounding your vegetable garden. How about some English Ivy. The plants stay green all summer long and look lovely as fencing.

So these concepts don’t appeal to you. Why not allow your bean plants to crawl about the fencing, their leaves and vines will also add a lovely touch to any vegetable garden.

Garden fencing isn’t just for creating flower beds or vegetable beds any more, you can also use garden fencing to create separate space for an outdoor room. How about creating a tranquil place where you can sit and read. By marking off the space, you can then add your own special touches to create the ideal space that you wish to have for your outdoor room. Add in a favorite style or type of lawn chair with a nearby table or how about a lounge chair, where you can lay in the sun reading a book and hide away from the rest of the world. There are a lot of pretty garden fencing materials that can be used for this concept as well.

There are several great places to shop for garden fencing. Here is a list to get you started; Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Sears, or any garden center in your area. Many of the stores listed also have great websites that you can explore to find the perfect garden fencing to meet your needs.

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