Fluorescent ceiling lights are an economical way to light your home or business because they last a very long time, give off clean white light, and give off a long range of light to a big area. Home Depot sells them, as well as any department store. You can easily tell when your existing fluorescent lights need to be changed, as they will become dim or start to flicker as their power is diminished. In humid environments, these types of light are subject to condensation which may delay or prevent them from powering on. Consider insulating your room or ceiling to solve this problem. Fluorescent lights are and have always been a great value.

They are standard in offices, waiting rooms, factories, warehouses, stores, and some outdoor environments. They install easily and are usually put in side by side along other fluorescent bulbs and then covered by a rectangular ceiling shade. They screw in by being put in at both ends and gently rotated clockwise until the pins at each end make contact with the fixtures.

Forgetting to put out the old ones to be recycled is a bad idea, because this can cause confusion as to which ones are burned out and which are brand new. Fluorescent lights will give you a sufficient lighting environment for your work or home. Get the best quality bulbs you can find within your budget. For one thing, a well lit workspace reduces safety hazards, creating fewer liability issues with your company. In an outdoor environment, insects may be attracted to the light, getting in the way of the conductors at times. An inspection from time to time will help reduce this hazard. The best thing that you can do to keep all of your lights in good working order is to periodically check for burnouts, dimming lights, broken casings, which are also a fire hazard, and cracks in the covers of your fluorescent lights.

Always keep a sharp eye on sudden bursts of electricity, as this can indicate a short. An electrician should check out the wiring systems of your business from time to time, making certain that everything is up to code. You will find it beneficial to have the circuit breakers inspected at your home or business as well, to prevent problems before they happen. There are plenty of reasons to choose fluorescent lights over other kinds of light bulbs, some of which I have already mentioned. They are easy to put in, they’re relatively cheap, and they last a long time.

They also have a longer shelf life than some bulbs, so it’s a good idea to keep a steady supply in stock. Disregarding the basics of electrical safety is never a good idea, so be sure to always have someone knowledgeable a phone call away in the event of an electrical emergency. Check on your stock once in a while. Be sure to store your fluorescent bulbs in a cool, dry place where they can be stacked neatly in their boxes. If one of them should happen to break or crack, dispose of it immediately. Even an unused fluorescent bulb can start a fire under certain conditions. If you are expected to keep an inventory of your stock at work, and you know that your bulbs will be stored in a room with flammable or hazardous chemicals, be sure to follow proper workplace safety procedures.

The benefits of fluorescent lighting are many, but being safe is the highest priority. Even stadiums and auditoriums make use of fluorescent lights in order to keep ball fields and seating sections lit. To counteract the possibility of a fire, some fireproof insulation can be put around the storage area where you will be keeping your fluorescent bulbs. Fireproof insulation can also be installed above ceiling panels surrounding the light bulbs to keep them from catching fire if one of them should break or burn out while in use. Always have a plan for evacuation in the event of a fire, but you can trust in the relative safety of fluorescent lighting so long as you are using them in the right way and disposing of burned out bulbs properly. Fluorescent ceiling lighting is a proven solution in today’s business world and in the bathroom or kitchen of your home.


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