Keeping black clothing looking new is important to all of us. Black clothes that have faded always look old and worn out, no matter how high the quality of the garment is. Many black shirts and pants can fade within the first few washes if they are not washed properly. There is no need for people to expect black clothes to not last as long as other colored garments, proper washing can help them stay in great condition for a long period of time. Following simple washing techniques will help to keep black clothing looking new and bright.

The first step in keeping black clothes from turning to a dark gray color is to pick high quality pieces. The tag on the clothing will tell consumers if they have been treated with an acid dye or reactive dye, both of these types can help ensure proper coloring. The material of the fabric is important as well. Choose materials containing or made from lyrca in them, extra fine cotton or silk yarn.

Before washing the garment, it is important to properly separate the laundry. While it may seem like common sense, it is important to never wash dark laundry with light colors. Not only can the dye damage lighter colored clothing, but the lighter colored lint can damage dark clothing. It is also a good idea to turn dark clothing inside out to prevent them from looking worn or fading in the wash.

Once the clothing has been separated it is important to choose the right detergent and water temperature before washing the clothing. Dark clothing should always be washed using the coolest water temperate that the washer allows. While many people believe that detergents do not work as well in cold water that is not the case. Detergents work just as well in lower temperatures as they do in warm water. There are also many great detergents available for dark clothing.

Tide for dark colors is one of the leading detergents for washing black and darker clothing. Many other popular brands offer detergents specifically for darker items. These detergents are typical milder, helping to preserve the state of the clothing in the cycle. Another option is to use a smaller amount of detergent when washing black clothes. If the load is small, using a portion of the recommended amount is a wise idea. Adding a small amount of vinegar to the wash may also help clothes keep their color. While vinegar may smell terrible, the scent is washed away during the washing cycle. An added plus of using vinegar is that it works to naturally soften the clothing.

Unless the clothing is incredibly dirty or caked with mud, they should be washed in a gentle cycle. Gentle cycles prevent damage to the material that may cause fibers to appear faded or aged. If it is possible, hand washing these garments using detergent for dark clothes is a wise idea. Putting too many clothes in the washer at a time can also cause black clothing to appear faded and worn. While it may save time, it can seriously hurt clothing. Allowing clothes to move around freely in the washer helps to remove dirt and detergent easily and without damage to the coloring.

Drying clothes properly is just as important as washing them properly. Dark clothing should be pulled from the dryer while they are still slightly damp. Laying them flat or hanging them up to fully dry is the best way to keep the coloring from fading. Allowing clothes to stay in the dryer for too long can cause loss of color or discoloration. When clothes are hung up or laid flat to dry they should not be placed directly in sunlight. Natural sunlight can quickly cause clothing to fade or become severely discolored. The sun works much likes bleach would.


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