Closet sliding glass doors are a great design option, and divide off your closets, without hiding the contents from view. They are commonly used in food closets and pantries, or when you want the items inside of the closet to be on full view.

Sliding doors can be of multiple different design types. They can follow the bypass mechanic, when one panel of the door slips behind another, rolling on a smooth metal track. They can also be a pocket-styled door, and slide into a double-length frame, to be hidden away from view.

Glass closet sliding doors are usually framed with titanium or steel frames, but sometimes also have hardwood frames. Beautiful designs can be etched into the glass, and the glass can even be tinted or colored, to provide similar privacy to solid wood or frosted glass doors, if your intention is not to show the items inside to viewers.

If you’re thinking about putting a glass door in your child’s bedroom closet, you should consider an alternative, such as plexiglass. Plexiglass is much less fragile than glass, and isn’t prone to fracturing or shattering.
Many sliding glass doors are ready-made, and are generally available at common DIY retailers, such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Eagle Hardware. While sliding glass closet doors are quite common in interior design, they are more prevalent in exterior design. The pocket door model is not common in exterior design, and the bypass door is considered a standard.

Frosted glass sliding closet doors are stylish and common in high-end homes. Their beautiful, creamy look attracts a lot of love from top-quality interior designers. Frosted glass doors are uncommon in homes, but their price and appearance add classy character to any home.

Most sliding doors work on tracks, and bypass doors use a set of rollers that move along a snugly-fitting metal track. The only problem with bypass closet doors is their tendency to break easier than other designs. If the door is subject to frequent use, the wheels will eventually grind down the track, and stop it from operating. Oftentimes, these problems are due to an excess of metal or wood shavings blocking the door’s path of travel. Metal shavings can be brushed away, and rough bits on the track can be sawed off with a rough file.

Sliding glass closet doors can also have locks, for those with security in mind. A small cylinder key is typically used to lock and unlock the door. When the door is locked, a metal hook falls into place, wrapping around a tiny steel bar, hidden on the striker plate. The lock can be released while pressing down upon a lever on the door handle, whilst turning the cylinder-shaped key to release the tension on the lock.

Some homes with Tiffany lamps will often request a stained-glass closet door. Some of the most beautiful doors include multicolored glass paintings of the English countryside, ocean shores, or sunset views from a cliff. These beautiful patterns are usually illuminated by a bright spotlight inside the closet, and are typically used when storing food, in order to give the closet a more appetizing and classy appearance.

Glass doors can have a single layer of glass, or a double layer to reinforce the strength of the closet door. Single –layered doors are much less expensive, but when considering how long you plan to keep the home, it might be worth investing an extra fifty-odd dollars just to have an extra layer of glass to provide structural support to a well-used door. Remember that a good and long-lasting door will also increase the value of your home by a small amount.

Some of the most elaborate glass closet door designs sport laser-etched artwork between layers of glass. An English lawyer requested that the initials of his name be etched deep into his glass doors, in an embossed style. The doors gave off a look that three-dimensional letters were floating in the middle of two glass layers. Extravagant, perhaps, but anyone who is willing to shell out a few extra dollars can get custom-made doors to add to the value and elegance of their not-so-humble abode.

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