Imagine a world where fences do not have to be painted. They don’t warp and their posts don’t rot in the ground. They never rust or chip. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Welcome to the world of aluminum fencing.

Aluminum fences are low maintenance and long lasting. They will never need to be painted as they come from the manufacturer with a powder coated finish. This finish is highly durable and protects the metal from rust or degradation from the elements. Many manufacturers warranty their fences against cracking, peeling, and chipping, as well as defects, for the length of time the buyer owns the home. They are also significantly cheaper than the wrought iron fences they are made to look like.

When purchasing an aluminum garden fence there are several questions to consider. The most important question for most homeowners is what is my budget. Highly ornamental fencing costs more than a simpler style, so keep your budget in mind while browsing the many different styles available. Another important question is, what is the purpose of the fence? Is it for security, safety (as in fencing a pool), or is it to simply accent your home and landscaping? Will the fence be subject to a large amount of stress? Aluminum fencing comes in different grades, from residential grade, which can handle only a small amount of stress, to industrial grade, which can handle the most stress. Purchasing the wrong grade for your intended use can have disastrous consequences. Consider all of the different aspects of your fencing project to come up with the most comprehensive list of requirements for your fence. The more specific you can be as to your wants and needs the better your chances of being happy with your final purchase.

Though they can be highly ornamental, an aluminum privacy fence is not just for looks. Uses for aluminum fencing are broad and varied. Pools can be fenced to keep young children and animals out. For this use, you will need to make sure you purchase a fence that is certified to meet the safety requirements of a pool fence. They can also give your yard a polished look while still being strong enough to keep intruders out. Fences can be purchased that have slats close enough together to keep the smallest of dogs in the yard while still allowing you to have a view of the surrounding landscape.

Most aluminum fencing comes in black or white, but some manufacturers carry designer colors such as green or bronze, so you can easily match the color scheme of your home. You can even have your fence custom painted, though it might affect the warranty to have this kind of finish. There are also many styles to choose from, giving a homeowner the opportunity to architecturally match the fence to the home. Generally, the fencing comes in panels that are attached to posts buried in the ground. For the experienced do-it-yourselfer, an aluminum picket fence can be installed in a weekend. For a homeowner not comfortable with this type of installation, manufacturers and retailers will install the fence for you for a reasonable price.

Aluminum fences are not for everyone, though. Despite all of their advantages there are some disadvantages to consider before making your purchase. While industrial grade aluminum fencing is very durable and can withstand more stress than aluminum fencing of the past, it still does not have the strength of the wrought iron it is made to look like. Also, aluminum fences do not provide privacy as anyone can easily see through the bars of the fence.

If you are looking for an affordable, beautiful, and worry-free fence, perhaps you should give aluminum fencing a try.

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