You’ve probably heard about all of the new ways to organize your closet. There are fancy pulley systems, wire netting, vertical hooks, and rotary organizers, but nothing replaces a good, strong shelf. Shelves are a classic way to organize your closet; a tried-and-true classic that will never truly be replaced by any newer method.

Closet Organizer shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are made from a host of different materials. Some shelves are made of metal, while others are made of glass or wood. So which type of shelf is the best? Well, it really depends on the purpose: Some people prefer glass for the beauty that it provides; other people prefer wood for the smell or texture; a lot of people like metal for the resilience and appearance of the shiny alloy; whatever your preference, modern technology has allowed for all three materials to be just as strong.

An often overlooked company that provides a great amount of organization systems is Rubbermaid. Their stuff is cheap, and made of strong plastic. I’ve gone from metal to Rubbermaid just because of the price. Most of their closet kits are adjustable, and can adapt easily to different sizes of closets. They usually come with a rack, and several drawers to keep your closet more compact and organized, so you have more room for everything else.

Some metal shelves have cloth hangers that store heavy items. The resilient linen hammocks hold about 150 lbs of weight, and hand from strong metal alloy.

The brackets on these shelves are usually made of zinc and nickel, and can be drilled into the inside of your closet, easily. I can’t stress enough how important a drill is when you’re working on closets, and you’ll pretty much need one to install just about any type of organizer.

Wooden shelves can sit on brass or zinc holders, and are generally removable and cleanable. Adding one of these babies is as simple as going to the hardware store to get a copper holder and hooks. The hooks will wrap around the bottom of the hardwood. A simple but effective closet shelving system; you can install additional boards at any time. The only problem with wooden shelves seems to be that they have a tendency to slip around slowly, especially when holding heavy items. Make sure that your glass memorabilia is carefully secured on wooden shelves, because they often slip and fall off of these sorts of shelves.

Many of the higher-end shelves will have netting around the circumference of the holding space, in order to prevent items from slipping or falling into the dark oblivion of your closet space.

Box organizing shelves are a series of stackable wooden boxes. Suits, ties, coats, jeans, and literally any item of clothing can be easily folded and stacked inside of these units. A person who prefers to hang their clothes probably won’t like this sort of system, and should instead invest in a clothes rack in their closet, in lieu of a shelf-based organizing system.

Closet organization shelves can be combined with drawers to create some pretty neat-looking organizational systems. Some of the most creative shelving systems will have electric outlets that a professional electrician can hook up. These are to prevent wires from having to stretch all the way down to the bottom of the closet, so your lights, lava lamps, and other electric implements will be able to run without the hazard of being tugged down accidentally.

Many closet organizer shelving will include movable LED spotlights to help you see in your closet at night. This is a standard with high-end closet organization kits, and most of the lights will be threaded straight through the wood or glass itself.
Shelves are a great start to a long-term organizational project, and while they can’t do everything, no one can argue with the resilience and reliability of a sturdy shelf to set your clothes on. While some shelving kits are fancier than others, the fundamentals are still there. Shelves are easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to repair. That makes them a strong choice for closet organization.

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