All throughout much of the world there is a space in many homes that is used solely for storing things that are either rarely used or used in a continual rotating basis. This space is known as a closet. While few individuals that read this will be surprised by such an obvious statement the fact is that though closets are common they are also a source of needless grief and stress.

This stress is primarily due to a lack of organization. A typical closet can become so crammed with old keepsakes, brick-a-brack, and random items that simply opening the door can become a danger due to falling objects. There are several types of closet. The most common of which is the storage closet. The other two most often noted versions of the closet are the linen closet and the other is the portable closet. Each of these types of closet are the same basic storage medium used in different ways. Closet organization works well for any of them due to these two facts.

A Closet organization system begins with taking inventory of everything in the closet that will be organized. As the items are inventoried sort them into separate piles of like items. While sorting these items keep an eye out for damaged items or anything that can be readily tossed away or donated. Fewer items that will be placed within the closet will cause easier organization of it.

Once everything has been sorted it is time to determine the amount of space and the best manner of organizing the items. If there are a great deal of small lose items the use of a box with a lid, such as a Rubbermaid container, is perfect for storing them if there is enough space in the closet for such a box. Many items that are easily placed into such a box and will not be used frequently would benefit from being placed carefully inside one. It is wise to Label the boxes used in an appropriate manner. This will make certain that they will not all need to be dragged out so that you can try to find that one specific item you will suddenly need in the future.

There are three other methods of organization that may prove useful will include the usage of hangers for clothing that will be worn frequently with the rest placed in a container, such as opposite season clothes like a winter coat in the summer. This allows easy access to clothing that will be worn frequently as well as making certain that other clothing can be found quickly in the future.

The next method involves actual renovation of the closet if necessary. For instance, some closets do not have a bar for hanging clothes. The addition of such a bar can prove quite beneficial. Further renovation of your closet can be continued by adding on a shoe rack, a dresser, or a few shelves. The addition of each of these items may be necessary if the closet was originally nothing more than a small enclosed space.

The third method of closet storage organization will involve purchasing a portable closet. Closets of this type come in various sizes, but most can be found in a size reasonable for a normal sized household. These closets can be used to store extraneous items that are in the original closet or as a method of organization that entails using it as a closet for one specific function. A common usage for portable closets is to use it solely for clothing or linens. A few individuals use them to store items such as DVDs and CDs if they choose not to use an entertainment center or run out of room on their old one.

A proper closet organizer system is a task that starts simple and remains that way as long as it is done with an eye for detail. Intelligent and creative usage of closet space will allow for items to be stored without fear of loss or damage. It will also allow the closet’s owner to be able to find items they may want swiftly and without frustration. The methods for organizing a closet vary but either way an organized closet is far superior than the anarchy in many closets worldwide.

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