Metal closet organizers are typically used in food closets, but can also be used in bedroom closets to store clothes and other items.

They usually roll on wheels, and can be moved out of the closet when the time comes for a good spring cleaning. Some of the fancier models come with movable shelves that roll out on tracks, so you can have easier access to your items.

While many of these organizers are transportable, some must be installed or drilled into the walls of your closet.
Metal shelves are a great substitute for wooden shelves when you are going to be storing heavy goods. They are better for sports memorabilia and heavy items like rifles or toolboxes. This makes metal shelves and organizers a better choice for shops, when you’re going to be story a lot of heavy-duty hardware.

Combined with a metal sliding door, these organizers can make your closet a resilient hardware storage unit, or if you just prefer the look of metal to wood, these organizers may be more appealing to you.
The most portable of the metal closet organizers include titanium drawers for storage.

Forge Valley Metalworks of Yakima, Washington gave us a bit of insight on the use of these storage devices.
“Plywood is classic, yes. Metal is a lot more stylish than a slab of wood stuck up against a wall. Metal is more durable, and metal just looks better,” explains Rodney Sparks, the manager of Forge Valley Metalworks, “We’ve been making metal shelves and portable storage devices for a while now. Some of our orders have been really unique, and we’ve given our clients a lot of great ideas to make a unique and functional closet.”

One of the coolest designs Forge Valley Metalworks ever conceived was featured on Seattle’s Evening Magazine program.

“We once did a closet that could transform into a roll-out workdesk. You would pull on the string, the the whole storage device would pull out into a table. A computer could be put on it, or anything.”

The roll-out desk was built on a series of rollers that were lipped by metal tracks in the carpet floor of the closet. A drawstring would lead the entire shelf out. It had a telescopic design, in which the storage shelves would be left behind in the closet, and only the table would fold out like an accordion. The desk could be used for a variety of things, and had a fold-out keyboard tray.

These and other designs can easily be made from home as a project. For those of you who don’t want to do the hard work, though, most furniture stores sell rolling metal shelves and organizers. You can also find good deals on them at Ikea, Target, Home Depot, or Lowes.

The shelves have hooks on the side to store coats and book bags inside of the closet. The middle of the shelf often has a rack for books, knick-knacks and other goods. Target’s metal organizers have magnetic photo frames designed for teenagers bedrooms, and most of the kits include magnetic stick-ons to personalize the shelf further.

We shopped around for more metal closet organizers, and we came across an amazing shelf online at Ikea’s extended inventory website. The organizer had over eight mega-sized drawers, perfect for tools and other equipment (I still use this one in my woodshop closet for a tool organizer, as opposed to buying an actual $1000 tool shed).

Metal organizers have recently become popular, and luckily, there are plenty of unique looking organizers to suit your personality, purpose and style.

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