Memorial Day will soon be arriving, and summer will soon follow. Schools are starting to let the children out for summer break already. The desire to do new or more adventurous activities frequently accompanies summer. So how can people make their summer more fun or adventurous while still being constructive?

One way is to carry out various remodeling or home improvement projects. These projects can be done either as individuals, as a family, as a group of friends, or as a community. No matter what age you are, or what your skill level is, there are fun projects you can complete. However, if you can’t figure out what project to do or what products to use, there is a perfect solution.

Simply visit one of the numerous trade shows that are being hosted in various areas of the United States from May through August, 2010. Most of these trade shows are held on weekends, and last at least two days each. Although some are geared more for professional renovators and remodelers, many are suitable for people of all levels of experience and curiosity.

For instance, take these three shows that were held May 21-May23, 2010. The Minneapolis , Minnesota Home Building & Remodeling Expo was set up to let homeowners attain professional advice in the areas of heating and air conditioning, landscaping, windows, siding, roofing, insulation, and energy efficiency home improvement.

The Orange County, California Home Improvement Show was set up to showcase hundreds of home decorating and remodeling products, to both professionals and amateurs alike. In the meantime, the Coral Gables, Florida Home Show was an international exhibition of home related products and service providers designed to inspire Florida homeowners to carry out home remodeling using professional services. It included demonstrations of products and services for kitchen & bath remodeling, landscaping & gardening, and numerous other remodeling products.

On the other hand, several of the trade shows to be held in June are geared strictly for house building, housing maintenance, and remodeling construction industry professionals. These shows not only provide product demonstrations, they also provide educational sessions and distribute the latest industrial related information. It’s very easy to locate the various trade shows being held all around the world, just by looking up trade shows on the internet.

Whether you go as an individual or as a family, trade shows can be very entertaining as well as very educational. Trade shows can be attended just for pleasure or for business reasons, or as a combination of business and pleasure. People of all ages enjoy the fair-like atmosphere, and getting free samples of various products. Trade shows are also great places to meet new people and exchange ideas.

There is always the opportunity of attending trade shows held during the fall and winter months too. If you and your family are really adventurous, you can plan your entire vacation around a trade show that’s being hosted in another country or in another part of the United States. Or if you’ve already used up your vacation time, and can’t find a local show, j you can make plans for attending one next year. Most of the trade shows are held on an annual basis.

However, there may not be trade shows in your local area and you may not be able to travel for various reasons. Don’t despair! You can still find help figuring out what project to do or what products to use. Numerous sources are available to provide you with inspiration, product information, and guidance for every type of project imaginable.

For example, you can read books, magazines, and trade journals. Another option is to watch television shows, such as “This Old House” or “Curb Appeal” or look for ideas on the internet. You and your family can also attend do-it-yourself workshops. Many local Vo-tech schools offer reasonably priced courses during the summer.

Some local and national home improvement store chains can be helpful too. For example, Home Depot stores frequently offer Saturday workshops that are free or low-cost, and suitable to people of various ages and skill levels. These workshops can be an ideal way to spend quality time with a child, with both parent and child learning something new together.

Lowe’s also offers Build and Grow clinics to provide children with the opportunity to learn how to complete a wooden project with confidence. Lowe’s even gives the child a free apron, goggles, a patch, and a certification of merit when the project is complete.

Once you and your family have gained knowledge and skills from attending do-it-yourself classes, you can apply them. Volunteering work for various community non-profit organizations, neighbors, or relatives can be a very rewarding way of improving your home environment. It’s also an excellent way to increase everyone’s self-esteem and gain useful labor skills.

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