The first step towards building a privacy fence is figuring out whether or not you actually need one. Many people have to deal with stray animals and people coming into their yards when they are not welcome. These people should build a fence to keep them out. If there is anything valuable, such as expensive plants or lawn ornament, building a fence can help to prevent the accidental destruction of them. A privacy fence is really needed whenever the owner of the house feels it is necessary for providing safety and protecting the property.

What are Privacy Fences For?

Privacy fences can be used for many reasons. One reason is to keep people and animals out that you do not want to be walking around on your lawn. This could be anything from stray dogs to the neighbor’s children. Another thing that a privacy fence does is block your house from the view of the street. If there are certain activities that are going on that you do not want all of your neighbors to know about, then a fence could help protect your privacy.

What do You Need to Build a Privacy Fence?

There are so many materials out there that privacy fences can be made of. They can be made of wood, which is the most common type of material used. Wood is often the cheapest material to use for a fence. Bricks are also very useful in making a privacy fence that is very strong and sturdy. Other materials, such as stone, can also be used. Hedges also make a good privacy fence, but they are often penetrable and do not keep small animals out.

How High Should the Privacy Fence be?

When building a privacy fence, it is important to know that it is there to protect YOUR privacy. Building a three foot tall fence will often times not do this. The fence should be tall enough to where you feel secure and protected from the outside. Most fence heights range from six feet tall to eight feet tall.

What Legal Steps Must Be Taken to Build A Fence?

There are a few legalities that cannot be ignored when building a fence. A privacy fence usually is built to surround the property entirely. In order to do this, the property lines must be accurately found and used when making the fence. It is also wise to build the fence at least six inches inside of the property line so that there is no dispute with your neighbors. Some cities also require a fence building permit to be obtained. City hall is the place to go to find a permit or just to find out whether you need a permit or not. Every city, county, and state has different laws and ordinances about building projects. It would be wise to investigate this topic before buying supplies for the fence.

What are Some Things to Remember When Building the Fence?

There are some things that people often get wrong when they are building their fence.

– The fence posts must be built at most eight feet apart from each other when the fence is being built. This is vital to keep a fence this tall from sagging. A sagging fence is often not a very secure one.

– Building a gate that is wide enough for your needs is very important. If the gate is not wide enough, a lawn mower or tools will not be able to be moved from inside the yard to the outside.

– Making one entire panel movable can be a good idea. This will ensure that, if needed, a vehicle can be backed through into the back yard without having to destroy the fence.

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