Alligator boots are a fascinating trend that can be seamlessly added to almost any wardrobe and fit any style. While the assumption that western alligator boots are simply for cowboys or made for western inspired wardrobes may be common, it is not necessarily completely correct. There are many different styles of alligator skin boots ranging from cowboy inspired boots for men to high fashion, daring styles for women. Celebrities, fashion designers, and style mavens have taken the original concept of an alligator skin work boot and made it into a sexy and highly coveted style that can be worn with both day and night fashions.

Alligator skin, which is a durable and beautiful type of leather, is generally more expensive than most other animals skins. This is because of it’s rarity and also because it requires more hand detailing during production than other leathers. Also, it is interesting to know that since real alligator skin is used, no two pairs of alligator skin boots are exactly alike. Wearers of these boots can be assured that they are wearing a one-of-a-kind and unique boot, which adds greatly to it’s novelty.

Different Styles Of Alligator Boots For Men

There are many different styles of alligator boots for men. The most common type of alligator skin boot for men would be the original cowboy inspired or work style boot. These boots generally have alligator skin located on the toe area, trimming, and sometimes throughout the entire boot. These boots can vary greatly in price depending on the amount of alligator skin used, the hand-made detailing, and overall quality of the boot.

Dressier styles of mens alligator boots are also available for men. These boots can range from an ankle boot to a boot that reaches the mid-calf and are almost treated as a status symbol among fashionable men. Such boots have been featured on fashion designer’s runways, in fashion magazines, and on celebrities. The latest male celebrity to don these stylish boots is Kanye West, though many before him have also showcased the trend.

Different Style Of Alligator Boots For Women

There are also western style alligator boots available for women. These boots have been made popular by celebrities, with one great example being Jessica Simpson, who has been seen wearing womens alligator boots in both her daily life and in move roles, such as Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazard. A Western Inspired alligator boot looks great when worn with shorts, like Daisy Duke, but can also be worn with a dress to give an eclectic, western feel to an outfit.

High fashion women’s alligator boots are also receiving quite a bit of attention in the fashion world. Manolo Blahnik, among other famous shoe designers, are leading the way in creating unique and sexy styles of alligator boots for women. Many of the high-end alligator boots showcase a high heel and shiny, glossy finish. These boots range in price from the hundreds into the thousand dollar range. While these prices may leave many people feeling as if they cannot take part of the trend, other designers are creating more affordable styles so that every woman can have a pair of black alligator boots in her wardrobe.

Affordable Alternatives In Alligator Boots

For budget minded fashion mavens who cannot afford to purchase such a luxury as a pair of high-end alligator tail boots, there are alternatives available. Websites like, offer many varieties of alligator boots to fit almost any budget. In addition, Ebay and other auction websites, offer high quality and designer alligator boots at much reduced prices. While purchasing a pair of custom alligator boots, keep in mind that a high price usually reflects hand detailing and the quality of the leather used. For this reason, it may be advisable to spend extra money to receive a high quality boot that will last and may be worn for many years. No matter the budget, alligator boots are a trend that will last throughout the years and make a great and versatile addition to any shoe collection or fashion conscious wardrobe.

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