Many of us have really good decorating ideas, but we aren’t sure how to arrange our furniture so it really plays up the space we’re working to fill.

When you’re working to arrange your living room furniture, it’s likely that you have some ideas in your mind, but don’t know how to apply them, but now with a few simple rules, you might find that your furniture arranging is much easier than you previously thought.

Know the size of your room

The size of your room will play a major role in the way you choose to arrange your furniture, so the first thing you should do is take some measurements of your space. Measure the windows, doorways and size of the walls. These measurements will help you to create furniture arrangements that will look great and feel functional.

If you have a large room, such as many great rooms that you’ll find in homes today, you may want to break it up a bit by creating a couple of different seating areas. This will help to give your room a nice flow and create a more comfortable feel to your space.

Smaller rooms don’t need to be split up, but they still need to be properly arranged, so making sure to place furniture in a way that will play up the space and feel comfortable is key.

Against the walls, or not?

A good rule of thumb for the placement of furniture in your living room is to determine the size of your space before you decide to put your furniture against the wall. For instance, a smaller living room might require you to put your furniture against the walls. This will help you to maximize space in the room and enhance the flow. However, if you have a large living room that might require different seating arrangements, you will most likely want to keep most of your furniture away from the wall to encourage a cozier space.

Create focal points, or use the ones you have

Got a great fireplace in your living room? Use this as a focal point for your seating arrangement and place your furniture accordingly. Even if you have just a small amount of space in front of your focal point, you can play it up with some nice chairs and an ottoman. Many people choose to hang their television over the fireplace, which means that you’ll have two focal points in one, so you’ll likely want to arrange your furniture around this.

If you’re working to create a couple of seating areas, it might feel as if you don’t have the focal points you need, but you can make them by choosing some nice area rugs and adding a coffee table. You can then arrange your furniture around the coffee table. For instance, for a comfortable seating arrangement in a large room, you may want to divide the space in half by choosing two different rugs and using a sofa with a coffee table and chairs on one rug and allowing your television to be the focal point for the other half of the room.

No matter what size your room is, it’s essential to add balance to your space whenever possible. If you walk into a room and it feels off for the shape, then you might need to rearrange for a more positive impact on the look and feel of the space.

Use architecturally interesting spaces to your advantage

Some people have homes with nooks. These can be as small as a closet or as big as a sitting area, but in order to really add some spice to your living room, you need to use these areas well. Why not create a reading nook or a well organized place to put your computer? Built-in bookshelves are another way to really play up these odd little areas.

Arranging furniture can be tough, but when you take the time to measure and sketch out your room, and “move” your furniture around in the space before you move it for real, you’ll find that you don’t need new furniture, you just need to arrange it a little bit differently.

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