Rather than wearing bulky layers of bra and slip, many women choose the simplicity and style of wearing a bra slip. A strapless bra slip actually has the slip attached to the bra, so you only need one layer of undergarments beneath your clothes. These wonderful garments are lighter to wear, cooler due to fewer layers, and help your clothes lie smoothly like they should.

Bra slips come in a variety of bra styles. Of course, the normal strap bra style is available, but many other styles are available as well. You can get a strapless bra for your off-shoulder fashion needs. Here’s a nice strapless style from Macy’s that is getting good reviews. It has a hook/eye closure and a built-in pantie so it won’t ride up. You can even get a convertible style bra that will change from normal straps to strapless to halter styles depending on what you are wearing. If you need extra support from your bra, you can find underwire bra slips in underwire styles. Push-up styles are also available to give your that extra wow factor. Look at this backless style that features adhesive cups for backless formal wear.

If you’re breastfeeding, don’t worry, because there are bra slips made just for nursing moms. They offer all of the functionality of normal nursing bras with the convenience of the built-in slip, so you have one less thing to worry about. Here’s a beautiful example of a nursing bra slip from Glamourmom. It’s pretty as well as functional.

The skirt of the bra slip is also available in a variety of styles. You can get a short, slimming bra nip slip to look perfect under you little black dress. The Macy’s bra slip mentioned above is a good example of that style. You can also get longer styles for a perfect fit under your career wear. There are also past knee length styles to go under your long formal dresses. You can get bra slips with skirts that are slim and body hugging or more voluminous skirts to go under your A-line and gathered skirt dresses.

If you want more support, get a bra slip with built in shaping. These bra slips come in styles for light shaping all the way up to heavy control, replacing your girdle and giving you one less layer under your clothes. For a sexier look with great control, get a bra slip with a built in corset.

Bra half slips come in a variety of fabrics and styles. Most come in a nylon/spandex fabric, but you’ll also find cotton for comfort in the heat, and heavier spandex in shapewear models. Styles range from plain utilitarian to see-through lace for a more sexy look. If you’re a larger size woman, you can get this beautiful Victorian lace corset slip at Just My Size. It has a hook/eye front, front boning, and adjustable straps that convert to a strapless garment.

Bra slips are not a new invention. They’ve been a fashion plus for a while. This page features some beautiful bra slips from the 1950s. It includes some corseted, strapless styles as well as styles edged in lace and even mink. Bra slips as shapewear are not new either, since most of these styles included waist cinchers or corseting. Many vintage bra slips are available through vintage clothing shops. With the current craze for vintage clothing, on-line as well as real shops abound.

Whether you want a sleek modern look or a vintage lacy style, bra slips are the easy, comfortable choice for undergarments. They provide for fewer layers under your clothes, so you have a smoother look, and they’re cooler and more comfortable to wear.

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