While vacuuming, dusting and mopping usually top the list of household cleaning duties, cleansing the window blinds is equally important and can be a tiresome chore if not completed on a regular basis. Dust builds up from the opening of windows and/or lack of movement but once cleansed, a room can really shine with sparkling blinds. Since there are many types of material used for blinds, here is a lsit of ways to polish popular types specifically and effeciently:

Aluminum Blinds

You must be gentle while cleaning these delicate and common blinds. The most effective and least time consuming method is to fill up a spray bottle halfway with hot water then add a tablespoon of a simple soap like Dial or a laundry detergent and fill the remaining bottle with more warm water. Spray each individual blind, then take a damp, cotton cloth and gentle wipe throughly until each blind is clean. Wipe with a dry cloth if necessary. To clean the pull cord, use the same solution or any multi-purpose liquid cleanser and soak then massage the dirt out with a damp cloth repeatidly until the stain is removed. For deep stains and discolor, use a stain removing laundry cleanser and follow directions above.

Wood Blinds

Delicate cleaning care is required to keep real wood blinds in their best possible shape. Do not use water or a liquid cleaner because excessive dampness can cause wood to buckle or discolor. So, dusting with a soft dust cloth on a weekly basis is suggested or a vacuum cleaner brush with soft bristles will remove the dirt from the wood slats easily. Once completly dusted, a wood shine product like Pledge can easily make the wood

Pleated Fabric Shades

Fabric windows shades can be very difficult to keep clean and many households are now replacing them with more modern styles, like the wood panels or bamboo blinds. However, if you must here are some instructions for safely cleaning cloth shades.

First, remove all dust and dirt with a micro fiber towel and apply a gentle vacuum attachment to remove the under-the-surface dirt. Make sure to clean the vacuum bristles before applying to drapes. If there are stains, find a carpet cleaner liquid soap that is acceptable to use on your material and apply by spraying substance onto a dry spounge and gently dabbing the stain to soak it up while applying the stain remover. It is very important to check that the cleansing product you are using is listed as an acceptable cleanser for the fabric. Once finished, dry the soiled stain with a hairdryer and keep the shades in a closed position. Whenever possible, keep them in this position so the pleats stay well-defined.

Vertical Vinyl Blinds

These vinyl blinds are very easy to clean and if done regularly, you will not have to remove each blind to clean. Simply apply a damp cotton or micro fiber cloth and wipe starting from the top of the blind to the bottom. This should remove all dirt. Using hot water to dampen the cloth is the best way to remove layers of dirt.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds stay nice and clean when sprayed with a water bottle and wiped down with a cotton or micro fiber cloth on a weekly or twice monthly basis. If necessary, fill up a spray bottle halfway with hot water then add a tablespoon of a simple soap like Dial or a laundry detergent and fill the remaining bottle with more warm water. This will help remove layers of dirt.

Other examples of basic cleaning products helpful for most types of blinds are white vinegar and baking soda. They are gentle, but make sure to test a small area if you are using with fabric. Also, constant maintenance is the easiest way to make blind cleaning manageable.


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