Monogram necklaces are created using overlapped letters to make a sign or symbol. Typically the letters relate to each other, in order to signify a person’s initials, a fashion designer, a famous symbol, or a company logo. Monograms can be used in many contexts, such as college logos for sports teams, national currency, stationery, and other ways. This article will focus exclusively on monogram necklaces, the different styles out there, their benefits as gifts, and where to purchase them.

The most famous monogram necklace, in the field of fashion jewelry, is probably the Chanel necklace. The Chanel monogram is created using two reversed “C” letters. It is important to know that gold monogram necklaces from Chanel communicate a powerful fashion statement. These simple two “C” letters signify wealth, power, and influence. These are the kinds of people the wear Chanel jewelry-people with power, wealth, and influence. Stars like Misha Barton and the Olson Twins consistently wear Chanel jewelry, especially the monogram necklaces and earrings, on a day-to-day basis. These are some of the most influential trend setters of younger generations.

To purchase Chanel silver monogram necklaces, you will have to physically go to the various Chanel boutiques throughout the United States or abroad. Chanel does not sell its monogrammed necklaces online through its website, If you truly want to purchase a Chanel sterling silver monogram necklace online, just beware that many counterfeit products containing the Chanel logo exist. There should be a signed Certificate of Authenticity sent with any Chanel jewelry you may purchase from online auctions or trade websites.

Other popular monogram necklaces from designers include Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Coach. These designers all create high-end jewelry with their famous monograms on them, and can be great as casual or formal pieces of jewelry.

Now, aside from designer monogrammed necklaces, you may choose to create your own personalized monogram necklace for yourself or a loved one. This is a popular choice, since pairing initials in a custom monogram necklace can signify commitment, love, and intertwined romance. At, you can create essentially anything with a monogram on it from this website. The jewelry gifts, and especially monogram necklaces, are high-quality products.

At the website, it is striking how many different kinds of monogrammed necklaces one can create for different holidays and lifestone events. If you are seeking to purchase a gift for a young person’s confirmation, you might consider purchasing a St. Christopher engraved pendant for the child with his or her initials on it. The “Baby Bootie” necklace, with baby boot charms strung on a silver chain, is a great idea for a new mother and her newborn. How adorable would it be, to present this gift at a baby shower or brunch with the mother’s initials written on the boot? The other noticeable monogram necklaces on this website are the heart-shaped pendants with initials written across. These necklaces are truly the perfect gift for any husband or boyfriend looking to purchase a woman one, perfect gift. The heart pendants range in price from $30.00 to $35.00, depending on whether or not you wish to purchase a heart locket.

A great brand to use when creating monogram necklaces is Swarovski, because this brand is consistently associated with quality, luxury, and beauty, for low prices. At the website, most of the necklaces on this site use Swarovski crystals, chains, and pendants, and it is highly recommended by this article that customers use Swarovski when creating monogram products as gifts.

For men, a great monogram necklace gift may include a tribute to his service in the military. U.S. Army military pendants are an incredibly touching gift for the solider that has served his country proudly. Perhaps your husband is going off to war. Purchasing him a pendant with both of your initials on it, is a great way for him to remember you while overseas. At, you can also purchase military pendants with personalized monograms. For $38.95, this is a great deal when considering how much this one, small gift may impact your husband while he is away at war.

For more designer monogram necklaces, try out This website features monogram necklaces from West Avenue, Zoe Chicco, and Laura James, all very popular designers of jewelry. Otherwise, good luck in searching out monogram necklaces and finding the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

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