If it is true that the average size of American people increases each year, then it is no surprise that retailers catering to above average sizes of men and women is a growing niche. It is not the case that XL and XXL sizes are the easiest plus sizes to find. The XXXL shirt has become popular, too.

Chain stores like Walmart and Target usually have a selection of XXXL shirts. The selection may be limited, however, since these stores do not specialize in larger sizes. For the best experience, shopping with a retailer who specializes in extra-sized clothing is recommended.

For women, especially 40ish and above, Catherine’s has a large variety of XXXL t shirts. The selection includes lots of business apparel, but T-shirts and night shirts can also be purchased. The Avenue usually has shirts for women of any age. There, T-shirts (including popular holiday and seasonal tees) are abundant, as are button-up jackets, blouses, work shirts and night shirts. Selections that both stores offer can be seen online. Online retailer Woman Within sells casual and dress shirts.

Perhaps the best place for the trendiest female XXXL fashion is Torrid. Torrid is a walk-in store, though you can visit them online at torrid.com. Simply called a size 3, its XXXL size features after-six shirts, off-the-shoulder tees and blouses, tanks and T-shirts featuring popular cartoon or movie characters.

Most cities have a big and tall men’s store, though the name may vary. Big and tall shops don’t usually have the hippest selection of clothing, though local team T-shirts and sweatshirts, undershirts and work-appropriate shirts are usually popular. Likely, big and tall men’s shirts not only come in XXXL, but also come in 3XLT – a size that has extra width, as well, as length, for guys who are over 6-feet tall.

A visit to online retailer www.KingSizeDirect.com will yield many options. From undershirts, to the most popular NFL teams tees and sweats, King Size Direct has a wide variety. Its online store and catalogue also features T-shirts with popular rock band logos, cartoon characters like Bart Simpson, and funny slogans. Button up, plaid, shirt-jackets are also a big seller of the company.

Lately, sheplers.com has started offering XXXL and 3XLT shirts. A popular store for the country look, Shepler’s selection of extra sizes has denim, twill, wrinkle-free, plaid, striped and solid shirts. Most are under $30. The selection is small, but contains everything an XXXL guy needs for the classic country look.

Not every retailer caters to one sex only. Hanes products are for men and women. Hanes products can be purchased in size XXXL in the larger chain stores like Walmart. The choices are limited, so Hanes wear can also be purchased online. Hanes features its Cotton Pique Polo shirts for both sexes. Hanes is also known for its ladies T-shirts and night shirts, as well as its Big Man’s Crewneck T-shirts. Much of the XXXL sizing is priced under $20, with some of it being $10, $5 or less.

AJ Wright is another clothing retailer for both sexes. AJ Wright features discounted, name brand clothing like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, L.E.I., FUBU, Rocawear, etc. Akin to what you might have found in Value City, the selection of trendy XXXL shirts is vast, and especially appeals to younger crowds wanting to wear labels, but are on a budget. The selection includes, T-shirts, polo shirts, as well as dress shirts.

There are many ways, and many places, to find XXXL shirts. Don’t hesitate to ask your favorite retailer if it has the capability of ordering an item in a 3X, especially if it is in the store in a size 2X. In this economy, many stores are happy to make special orders to keep the business of consumers. A clerk may also give information on the online version of the store, or call its nearby sister stores to offer you as much triple XL variety as possible.

Remember that every manufacturer is slightly different, so trying on mens XXXL shirts before purchase will ensure the satisfaction of a proper fit.

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