Wooden closet doors are made, produced and manufactured from hardwood such as Mahogany, Spanish cedar, and Brass-wood. They are designed to be connected with a tenon joints and deep pocket mortise and they are pegged for increased durability. Floating panels are designed to enable expansion and also contraction. Some panel designs include traditional and colonial, recessed Philadelphia Federal, and Shaker Flat.

Product varieties in the Kestrel Co. website www.diyshutters.com include items such as; wooden sliding closet doors, bi-fold, plantation shutters, folding screens, board and batten shutters, louvered doors, closet doors, interior shutters, and exterior shutters. The Kestrel Company was established in Stowe, Pennsylvania. The Kestrel Company Corp, has been designing, manufacturing, and producing exterior and interior shutters and doors. Also, The Kestrel Company produces and manufactures wood closet doors, and they have been doing all of this since 1989. The Kestrel Company factory that is located in Stowe, Pennsylvania also produces folding screen room dividers, closet doors, and wood shutters.

Another reputable wood closet door manufacture is The Interior Door Replacement Company. You can find them online at http://www.interiordoor.com/. The Interior Door Replacement Company has been established and up and running since 1997. The Interior Door Replacement Company locations are Hunting Beach, Mountain View, and Fremont, California. The Interior Door Replacement Door Company specializes in replacing old and broken doors including custom made doors and sliding closet doors. The Interior Door Replacement Company equips their technicians with a digital measuring tool to take measurements of old and broken doors.

This process only requires one to five minutes to complete. After all the measurements have been taken, they are then passed through a computer operated door cutting machine. This door cutting machine cuts the doors to the exact specified measurements. This cutting machine also bores all of the necessary hinges, handles, and holes. To avoid any inconvenience and disruption, all extra doors are held in place until the installation of brand new doors is completed. All of the materials used for wooden closet doors include: alder, pine, cherry, mahogany, maple, and oak. The Interior Door Replacement Company also offers a huge selection of paint finishes to match any color scheme, hinges, and handles.

Sliding wood closet doors can give you a genius, multi-functional option when you are in a limited space that is available for closet space. Wood closet doors are readily available in a variety of wood grain blends and colors that makes a unique and practical decoration decision for all rooms. If you want to add a second element of distinct taste, mirrors can also be installed to the door. The advantages of adding mirrors to a wooden closet door is the increased reflected light and also, it can make a small room appear larger in size. A wood and glass combination can be a great choice as far as home decorating goes.

Wooden closet doors can be bought pre-assembled. Buying pre-assembled doors can make the installation process a lot easier for a do-it-yourself individual. These pre-assembled wooden closet doors can very easily be installed when it comes to doing a remodeling job in a new or older home. When it comes to adding and installing a pocket door, it may take a lot of work, but the ending results are well worth the hard work. Installing a pocket door would sometimes require removing the wall where the door would be mounted. The size of the door you are installing will determine the amount of wall that will be removed. You will be required to create a sufficient amount of space in order for the door to slide into the wall.

Sliding closet doors are also known as pocket doors, because they slide in the pocket between two walls. Remember to keep in mind, that the space required for a pocket door should always be more than the width of the door that is being installed. Always look and know what is behind any wall you want to demolish, before you start work or even buy a wooden closet door. Here are some other questions you need to ask yourself before installing a wooden closet door or doors: Does any pipe lines go through the wall? Does any cooling or heating duct run through the wall? Will any phone or cable lines be compromised?

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