Wire closet organizers are known for their cheap price, durability, and versatility. They can be used in any type of closet from a food pantry to a walk-in closet. Your clothes and items hang from thick gauge wire, which is connected by a series of holding hooks.

The wire closet organizer can hold literally any type of item. Perhaps the best thing about them is that they are extremely easy to install and use. Simply hang your items from the wire, just like you would any clothes rack.
Most of these organizers include small hanging plastic drawers, which allow for more items to be stored. They are one of the most highly-used and highly-available methods of closet organization. Because of their cheap price and ease of use, it is no wonder that they are so popular.

It is best to buy wire organizers that include the full package with brackets, wires, locks, pins and hangers. You’ll need a lot of these parts for installation, and while they aren’t necessarily the cheapest models, they’ll save you more money in the long run; buying all of the parts from a hardware store can be more expensive than buying the upgraded version of the wire organizer, usually.

Before you purchase a wire organizer, it is advisable that you do a bit of research into the durability of each brand. The tell-tale signs of a good wire organizer are easily noticeable: the organizer will have many wires, hooks, loops, locks, pins and lots of storage space, with durable construction. Look for ones with the most wires that will hold heavy items. Check the fine print on the box to find how much weight the wires are capable of holding, because you don’t want to end up with a broken organizer, as most hardware stores have strict policies on returns. It falls upon you do be a good consumer and shop around.

Different wire closet organizer systems fit different organization styles. Some will support more hanging clothes and coats, while others will work better with folded and stacked items of clothing. If you have a lot of shoes, look for a wire organizer with a strong shoe rack. If you have a lot of stuff to store, it would be advisable to find the wire organizer with the most durable gauge wire, and the most space; but be careful, because unless you take precise measurements of your closet space, the wire organizer might not end up fitting properly into your closet.

Choose a flexible type of gauge wire, and look at the specifications carefully. Polyester wire will generally not be as good as gauge wire. Look for “threaded fibers” instead of “coiled fibers”.

Most of the frames of wire organizers come in a brushed silver color, but they can also be chrome-plated or nickel brushed, giving them a variety of different finishes. Brushed silver tends to last a lot longer than the nickel, zinc, or chrome plated wire organizers, but all of them are actually quite durable.

Where exactly do you buy wire organizers? The most complete packages can be found from online retailers like Amazon. IKEA, Sears, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Eagle Hardware, and Ace Hardware also offer the parts to build your own homemade wire organizer, but it’s generally a lot easier to buy a set with the full repertoire of parts and doodads that you’ll need to put your organizer together properly. You’ll usually end up shelling out less money in the long run for a more durable organizer. The parts in the cheaper organizers are generally unreliable and can snap under pressure. So instead of buying a cheap organizer now and shelling out cash fixing it later, you should buy a resilient and moderately-priced organizer to present yourself from having to hassle with it in the future.

Closets aren’t difficult to organize at all, and a wire organizer is one of the best choices you’re going to find. It suits all purposes, and fits a great number of items, all while holding up under pressure. Once you organize your closet, you’re one step closer to having an easier and more orderly household.

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