There are many options available for homeowners who are not happy with the closets or storage spaces in their homes. Closets, especially in older houses, can have inadequate space and storing limitations. Closet organizer systems are not just for clothes, but can be made for pantries, offices, laundry areas, garages or any area that needs to be clutter-free and organized.

A closet organizer system can optimize space, sometimes doubling it and can make proper use of the storage area. Remodeling is often not necessary with the correct organizational system. There are more storage and organizational choices than ever for buyers. Systems are available through local closet company franchises, home improvement centers and custom makers. Also, materials can range from MDF, particle board, and high-end materials offering consumers a broad selection of prices and flexibility.

There are a variety of closet organizational systems for buyers to choose from. Floor mounted closet organization units are one option and can require removing the base trim at installation. Another type of solution is a wall hanging system, which is secured to a house’s frame and can support up to 1,200 pounds. Rail systems are also attached to a closet’s wall and offer an assortment of storage solutions such as attachable and adjustable drawers, baskets, and shelves. Custom systems are an option that begins with a consultant visiting the home to take measurements and help design the layout. Colors and materials can also be selected depending on the company’s choices.

There are even online custom design businesses that can be more affordable without an in-person consultation. “Do it yourself” closet organizational solutions can be cost effective and may not require any carpentry skills. This type of system is usually freestanding and available in home improvement and related stores. Adjustable systems are the in-between solution for buyers not wanting to spend a fortune but can afford more than the freestanding options. A company may have several different layouts to choose from with various customizable pieces. Many times these types of systems come in the form of a kit and customers have the option to piece together the unit in a variety of ways.

closet organizerWith any storage solution for a closet, garage, pantry or other area, there are positives and negatives to each. Wall mounted organizational systems offer additional storage on the floor and can make cleaning or vacuuming the closet much easier. There is no cutting into a home’s molding for the installation of wall systems. Custom layouts can be ideal for storage, but can come with a hefty price tag.

A consultant first comes to the home to assess and recommend layout possibilities to maximize the storage area’s space. The designs and layout options are practically endless because the woods, metals and other materials that make up a customizable organizational system will be measured and cut specially to meet the home’s dimensions. The choices in materials and colors are flexible to suite the homeowner’s tastes. Next, the customize materials will be installed by professionals. Custom layouts are ideal for individuals interested in guidance throughout the entire build process. It is important to keep in mind that custom layouts are permanently installed in a home and changes or adjustments are not easy. Adjustable systems are different than custom systems and can save homeowners money as well as offer some adaptable storing space. For example, widths and shelving locations can be easily altered. Usually, these come as a prefabricated kit with multiple configuration options to allow for some flexibility in the placement of shelves, drawers, clothes hanging space, etc. The Do-It-Yourself, self-assembly closet organization systems can come in a variety of pieces that homeowners assemble themselves. Some of the possible assembly options are units that are freestanding or wall mounted. However, this type of system for organizing a closet is not as long lasting as the custom layout system. There are closet organizer systems for every home, but deciding on one can depend on the size of the homeowner’s budget as well as how much versatility is needed for any particular storage space.

The cost for any home, garage, storage or closet organization system varies. Materials, size, professional installers, and other factors will all dictate the end cost. For example, Adjustable or prefabricated systems for a reach-in closet that is 4-8 feet can range in cost from about $75 – $200. Adding extra baskets, boxes and buckets is always an option and these accessories can cost any where from $15 to $150. For Do-It-Yourself systems made from wood or particle board and have laminate/veneer finishes can be priced from about $200 – $400 for reach-in closets that are 8-10 feet in size. Another example would be for a somewhat larger walk-in closet area, which could be priced around $300 – $600. A professional installation can cost a homeowner any where from $400 – $1,700 if the professional is installing wire, laminated particle board or lower end solid wood. Custom-built units are the most expensive, with an average minimum cost of $1,000. The price increases as the size of the organizational area increases and as the materials become more high-end.

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