A small kitchen may be a bit of a challenge when it comes to finding ways to decorate it. When space is limited, the decorative items you select need to be both functional and attractive. It is important that you keep small spaces uncluttered. Therefore, decorating and organizing go hand in hand in a small kitchen.

When floor space is limited, wall space becomes more important. One useful item to include in a small kitchen is a cork board or chalkboard that can be used as a message board for the family. This is a good place for a calendar, reminders, lists, and possibly a daily or weekly inspirational quote or photo.

Many times, in a small kitchen there is a shortage of drawer or cabinet space. As part of your kitchen decoration you can hang a spice rack on the wall. This will free up cabinet or drawer space for other items. Decorative jars can be used to store kitchen utensils. A sectional basket designed for carrying outdoor picnic items can be used to hold silverware, napkins, and other items on a kitchen counter. You can also free up more cabinet space by using an accordian wall rack as a cup hanger. Decorative hooks can be used for towels and pot holders.

If you have space in your kitchen for a baker’s rack, this item will provide you with more space than you might first imagine. This is a good place to put small kitchen appliances such as a small mixer, blender, or toaster. It is also an ideal place for a cookie jar or canister set.

A buffet with a hutch is certainly a multi-functional piece of furniture. Adding one to your kitchen gives you a lot of additional storage space as well as some display space for dishes or collectibles. A small storage bench is also a smart choice for a small kitchen. Any decorative items that offers extra storage space can be helpful in a small kitchen.

Using wire baskets and glass bowls and containers work well in a small kitchen. The ability to see through the wire and glass helps keep a feeling of openness in the room. Reflective items such as chrome and mirrored surfaces also give the illusion of spaciousness to a small kitchen.

If your house has no eating area other than in the small kitchen, you can do some creative decorating with kitchen furniture. A wall mount drop leaf table is ideal for a small kitchen. You can lift the table at mealtime and let the leaf down afterwards. This means less obstruction of floor space for the majority of the day. If a wall mount table won’t work in your kitchen, the standard style, small drop leaf table would also be a good option. Selecting a table that is designed so that the seats fit completely under the table when not in use also saves space.

There are numerous small choices you can make that are both decorative and functional in a kitchen. A shelf that fits behind your sink provides extra space for plants, decorative items, cups, or anything else you wish to put there. Three tier wire baskets can be hung in a corner and used to hold vegetables, kitchen linens, grocery items, or numerous other kitchen related items. Appliances that mount under a cabinet are good choices for a small kitchen. Baskets can be one of your most useful purchases when decorating any small space. You can fill them, stack them or stash them according to your specific need.

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