Window valances are drapes that hang on the upper part of the window. They can be used with or without other window treatments, such as blinds, shades or curtains. Window treatment valances are primarily used to decorate with, as they add color and design to any room, while drawing attention to the windows. In addition, they hide the drapery rod, which is otherwise difficult to conceal.

Before getting started on your windows, first browse through an online selection of valances or head to your nearest home improvement store. You want to set a budget for yourself and know your available options. Fortunately, there are plenty of valances that are inexpensive, yet tasteful. After buying valances for windows for every window in the room, as well as drapery rods however, this project can get to be an expensive one. So before making any purchases, set a reasonable budget for yourself. Expect to spend between $20-$40 for readymade kitchen window valances, while custom made valances will double or triple in price.

Types of Valances

There are three types of valances to choose from: balloon, ascot or swag. Balloon valances have a puffed out or balloon look to them. This is because they are made with lightweight fabric that is gathered in different sections. Balloon valances have a traditional and elegant appeal and are best for formal or romantic settings.

Ascot valances are also used in formal settings and use triangle-folded fabric that hangs over the rod and on the top of the window. While ascot valances are traditional looking, they are also well suited for contemporary floor plans. In addition, the triangle folds can be achieved using different colors of fabric, which means you can draw in a number of hues in your valances.

Swag valances use fabric that is draped over the rod and over the top of the window. There is also enough fabric left over to hang down on the sides of the window. The appeal to swag valances is that they can be either formal or informal, depending on the way you allow the fabric to hang. Formal swag valances have neatly folded fabric, while an informal look lets the fabric hang naturally.

Besides the type of valances to choose from, you will also need to consider the fabric your black window valances will be made out of. Because custom window valances are decorative, you want them to match, or at least complement, your existing décor. Your fabric window valances can use the same material as your curtains are made out of, or use other colored fabric to draw in the various tones throughout the room. Also consider the weight of the material. The weight should be no heavier than the curtains, as you don’t want the sheer window valances to topple over.

How to Measure for Valances

An important part of choosing modern window valances is to know the measurements of your windows. Using a measuring tape, measure the length of the drapery rod that you will be hanging your valances on. If you do not have a drapery rod yet, measure the width of your windows instead. To account for the additional fabric needed to hang off the rod, add 4-6 inches to your measurement.

Readymade vs. Custom Made Valances

Once you have your measurements, determine if you are going to buy your wooden window valances readymade or custom made. If you have standard sized windows and aren’t looking for anything too complicated, readymade silk window valances are just the thing for you. If your windows have a complex shape, such as bay windows, or you have a very specific valance in mind, you may want to choose custom made unique window valances instead. Keep in mind that valances are versatile and even if they don’t fit your windows perfectly, they can be bunched up, expanded or thrown over the rod to achieve a new look.

Readymade bathroom window valances can be purchased directly online or from the store, without needing any special adjustments. They are designed to fit standard measurements for windows and come in a large selection of fabrics, colors and prints. The advantage to readymade designer window valances is that they are cheaper in price since they don’t need any special adjustments. They can be purchased same-day, providing the store has what you’re looking for, and they can be returned if they don’t fit your windows properly.

Custom made valances on the other hand, generally cannot be returned to the store. They are custom made to fit your windows and specifications. Because there is extra work involved, custom made large window valances cost more than readymade ones. However, custom made valances can be worth the extra cost because they are designed especially the way you want them to be, and you can select any fabric and style that you have in mind.

No matter which style or fabric you choose for your decorative window valances, this is one project that can be done on a budget and in a short amount of time. Valances not only add to your existing décor, but they accentuate your windows, while maximizing the amount of light that shines through. Consider window valances for your next home improvement project.

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