Whether completely remodeling your home, furnishing a new space, or seeking to add a little bright spot in one corner of your apartment, a swing arm floor lamp provides added dimension to a room with great versatility. For budgets large or small there are swing arm floor lamps on the market to suit individualized taste and decor. When shopping for your lamp, consider these points for purchase of one which will be useful and stylish for years to come:

Simplicity vs. Trendiness

The swing arm lamp shade is where the color and trendiness statement should be made, not usually on the base. Generally inexpensive, a very simple base can be instantly updated and changed to match your decor through a quick change of lampshades. Consider stainless steel or other clean, modern, durable metal for the lamp pedestal and swing arm. If your budget is larger and you are not concerned with longevity of use, you can purchase a floor lamp with more creative aspects or sculptured styling.

Casting Light from the Shade

When purchasing a swing arm lamp, consider that the direction at which the light is cast is evidenced by the openings in the shade. If you want light cast upward for drama or to spotlight a wall hanging while also casting light downward for reading, a wider shade with both top and bottom openings is ideal. The openings may be equally wide, or unbalanced to cast more light in the direction of the wider opening. If you only wish to send light in one direction from your adjustable swing arm floor lamp, select a shade that is more closed at one end or even a sconce style shade if you wish to use your lamp to accent only the spaces or walls above it or to provide impact in a room needing more dimension.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

If your interior walls are all painted one color, do not be afraid to add some punch through a colorful shade. For example, if the walls are a solid, pale blue a deep red shade on an understated brass swing arm floor lamp base will draw visitors’ eyes into the room and at an eye level. Consider whether your room needs a fresh focal point to liven the atmosphere. One certainly should not go overboard or clutter a room with too many competitive colors or textures, but a simple lampshade can certainly change a room instantly and inexpensively.

Patterns Can Be Your Friend

Much like when using color as an accent for a boring space or to update your room’s look, a pattern can easily change the mood of a room. Shades with patterns add a strong focal point when unlit during the day and a unique mood at night when lit. Just remember to not overpower your room with too much boldness, although being bold can be good for a drab room. When shopping for a patterned shade, do not forget the main purpose of your black swing arm floor lamp and whether you will be using it for reading or casting light for ambiance, or both. Some patterned shades can render the lamp ineffective in lighting for reading or other specific use.

Fashion Statements

Swing arm lamps can be fashion statements for your home. If budget is not a factor and your room could use both additional lighting and some creativity, you might be able to effectively integrate a trendier lamp base. There are so many different materials used in making lamps today, ranging from marble to brass, steel to wood, iron to high-grade plastic. If a fashion statement is more important than having a base which will be in style for years to come, have fun with your swing arm floor lamp shopping. After all, your space should not only be well lit, but should spark happiness within you.

Regardless of which swing arm lamp you choose, have fun with your decorating project. Keep your particular style, space, and needs in mind when shopping and you cannot go wrong. Simply keep your receipt in case you have buyer’s remorse after seeing the lamp in your room and remember that a change of mood, wall color, lighting needs, or general decor can be addressed quickly and inexpensively when you have the right lamp base. A new room is always just a lampshade away!

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