Home lighting design involves determining the type of lighting needed in each room and the fixture that will best fill that in a style appropriate to that room. Interior home lighting comes in three forms: wall lighting, lamps, and ceiling lighting, including drum ceiling fixtures. Of these light sources, ceiling lighting is the lighting system basic to every home. Most rooms in a home — not designed otherwise — include wiring for an overhead light fixture in the center of the room with a switch at the entrance.

In theory, a ceiling light fixture can be a bare light bulb in an unfinished basement or attic or an ornate crystal chandelier. Moreover, unlike lamps and lamp shades, these fixtures are not changed on a whim. For many, installation is straightforward. However, for the home repair challenged, it may involve a professional installation. Wall lighting is also wired in and, except for a hallway or lighting for a very small bathroom, is usually an accent light not meant to illuminate the room.

A drum ceiling light, of course, derives its name from obvious comparison of its round shape and often size to a drum. Most often they are significantly smaller in height than radius but not always. In general they are not tapered but may be slightly wider at the bottom like a lampshade. Most are made of glass and may or may not have a diffuser that hides the bulb(s).

Choices of ceiling fixtures include flush mount, semi-flush mount, and hanging or pendant fixtures.

Flush-Mount Fixtures

Mounted directly on the ceiling, flush-mounts fixtures serve well in kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, foyers, almost any room or area. They are especially preferable in areas where the ceiling is low (under nine ft.) making chandeliers and hanging fixtures impractical. Probably the flush mount drum ceiling fixture is the most common in bathrooms where flush mounting is often necessary, a walk-in closet, or a utility room. However, there is no reason for these lights to be a plain white fixture. Drum fixtures are available in many decorative versions including bright colors, sculptured motifs, even hand painted designs. Metal parts can be chromed, brass, pewter, wrought iron, etc. even accented with wood. In a small bedroom, a flush mounted ceiling light can serve as a decorative focal point and/or can be the only lighting needed.

Semi-Flush Mount Fixtures

A semi-flush mount light fixture, like a flush mount drum ceiling light, is useful for low ceilings. Mounted with hardware that extends a few inches from the ceiling (3-5″), these fixtures provide dispersed lighting from above. In addition, they do provide less of an institutional look with more hardware visible allowing more design possibilities and style choices. In larger bathrooms, semi-flush mounted drum ceiling lights help to supplement and decoratively complement bath wall sconces. As with flush mounted drum ceiling fixtures again the variety of decorative choices are unlimited. Besides the bathroom, these semi-flush fixtures can be used for hallways and in the smaller bedroom.

Hanging or Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Hanging or pendant lighting fixtures focus the light downward and require higher ceilings. Hanging lights usually attach to an adjustable length chain. Pendant ceiling lights are attached by a rod, usually 6″-12″ or longer. Both provide an attractive addition over a cozy reading corner in a bedroom, over a bar, billiard table, counter top, etc. to give extra light and a stylish element to any space. Drum pendant ceiling lights are very popular for focusing light on a particular area or, with glass or translucent fixtures, can also be used for less directional lighting.

Pendants can be located in two floor foyers and coordinated with mini pendants or wall sconces above or along a stairway. Multiple, mini pendant lights are perfect for use in the kitchen either over cabinet free counter space, an island, or over a breakfast nook. A more elegant pendant or hanging light is a chandelier that cast light in every direction for dining tables or other spaces. Drum ceiling light chandeliers will best fit a modern theme. For a more elegant look but in keeping with the drum ceiling light theme there drum shade pendant lights that use more ornate lighting, even crystal that is surrounded by a beautiful drum shaped shade.

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