Lighting a home should be a fun task but with so many choices it can seem daunting and frustrating, but if it is narrowed down to style or the theme of the current furniture the choices can be narrowed down. Stained glass ceiling lights are the perfect choice for class, elegance and traditional beauty. Stained glass lights come in several styles and designs, like sports related, collegiate, mosaic, geometric, majestic, Tiffany, sconce etc.

Stained Glass Ceiling Lights

Stained glass ceiling lights come in sports themes like the Miami Dolphins NFL stained glass hanging ceiling lamp- , this lamp is great for over the pool table, in the family room, or in the breakfast room.There are tiffany ceiling lights with verde vintage antique finish and iron hardware. Semi Flush Ceiling Lights are available with trailing vines and colorful floral of nature. There are themes for everything from nature to sports to traditional elegance. The tiffany style is at the basic structure of most ceiling style lights and the creativity is phenomenal. The prices for some of these beautiful lamps can range from $50 on up into the hundreds.

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Light

The lighting has to be appropriate for the space; it has to be the center piece. It should blend in with the d├ęcor; the lighting should accent the furniture. Bold and flashy styles are great for pubs and clubs and the more elegant down stated pieces are more appropriate for the home. The lighting is basically the replacement for natural sun light and the styles can be contemporary or traditional. If the home is complete with wooden furniture than a ceiling light with a more rustic feel, gold, bronze etc is really great.

Another great place to put a stained glass light is in the basement, if the basement is being turned into an entertainment spot with a bar and lounging furniture. This is an excellent way to get that club feel without the expense. It ca also bring a country feel to any atmosphere and the nightlife arena. The main things that will determine what type of ceiling light to get will depend on the finances, the size of the space and the intent for the space, whether it is relaxing, nightlife or a family room, Cool tones are great for high energy rooms and the warm tones are great for the family room and gathering room. Lastly most ceiling lighting in most cases needs to be installed by a professional.


The styles and characteristics of the stained glass bring about a feeling of regal quality, elegance and fun. The styles of many of the stained glass ceiling lighting is originated from the Tiffany style whether it is the grapevine, diamond, landmark, scales, majestic , mosaic and sconce. The traditional look and feel of Tiffany exudes class and elegance and this brings a sense of tradition to any home, it also brings tradition to storefronts and pubs it becomes a longstanding piece of history along with the theme of the environment. Above are just a few of the stained glass styles of ceiling lights that are out there. There are so many more styles and designs available. Invest in the research, the time and the money into a high quality Stained glass ceiling light, it will last for a long time and it will enhance the look and feel of any home or business. Attain the skills of a professional to install this delicate piece of lighting and save yourself the stress and strain, this way the lighting will be put in correctly and without any mishaps.

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