Who would have ever thought that the light fixtures in your home would have a large impact on the overall design and presentation of your living quarters? While lighting is certainly necessary for safety reasons, making a smart purchase with your light fixtures also gives you the added benefit of having a home that is warm, inviting and decorative. When choosing lighting for your home, consider semi-flush mount ceiling fixtures. These lights hang about 4 to 8 inches from the ceiling, instead of being flush with the ceiling. There are many advantages to choosing these types of lights and you can find a large selection right here online.

Semi flush ceiling lights hang just below the ceiling so they are not fixated onto the ceiling as with flush mounted lights. This makes it easy to change out bulbs as needed, since there is a large enough gap between the light and the ceiling. They are also low maintenance and only require being wiped out with a lint-free cloth to remove bugs or dust on occasion. Semi flush ceiling lights can use all different types of bulbs, so you can opt for a high wattage bulb to provide ample lighting across a whole room, or choose to use a lower watt bulb in a bathroom or bedroom.

Semi flush ceiling lighting work best in areas that require plenty of light and have low ceilings. Since these lights are close to the ceiling, they allow for people to walk under them, unlike hanging lights and chandeliers. They also add a decorative appeal without being too dramatic or overbearing, especially in small and compact rooms. Best of all, you can finally do away with your floor lamp or table lamp that take up plenty of room, and leave you with cords that are out in the open.

These versatile ceiling fixtures are often used in entryways and hallways, but they work great in bathrooms and dining rooms as well. Of course, you want to determine the size of the room before making a purchase, as this will impact the best size for your fixture. Larger rooms will need a larger light, while smaller rooms will need smaller lights. You can also hook up the semi flush ceiling lights to a dimmer switch so that you can control the intensity of the lighting, perfect in bathrooms and kitchens.

The best part about choosing semi flush ceiling fixtures is that the styles are endless. These versatile lights take on a number of shapes, sizes and forms, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Since you want your lighting to flow with the rest of the rooms’ décor, stick with a style that will compliment your home. Some of the most popular styles are modern and contemporary, focusing on darker colors, such as brushed nickel and chrome.

These sleek designs may fit with the current trends, but they will also look up to date with any décor you choose. If you enjoy the timeless look of antiqued brass, check out semi flush ceiling lights that feature crystal globes and a golden base. Indeed, you can also choose from vintage ceiling lights that use stained glass pieces or jewels to construct the fixtures.

Besides choosing a finish for your lighting, you can also opt to go simple, or choose something a bit more eccentric. Some semi flush ceiling lights include dangling beads, fancy curvature and intricate designs. Others have clean and simple lines, adding to their contemporary appeal. While the choice is up to you, remember that small rooms work best with simpler fixtures, while larger rooms and entryways can handle more elaborate fixtures.

Since a semi flush ceiling light is more complex and detailed than their flush mount alternatives, they cost a bit more as well. If you’re looking for something simple and basic, you can expect to spend around $50 for a quality light. Of course, the more features and trimmings that come with the light, the more you will pay, so don’t be surprised to see that some lights cost over $200. Keep in mind however, that these ceiling lights are much less expensive than a fancy chandelier or hanging light, and they can serve the same purpose.

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