Screen doors are used to fully enjoy mild weather days as they let the fresh air indoors and provide an escape route to odors and heat. These doors can be installed on your primary front or back doors and don’t require significant changes to be made to the décor of your home. Made from vinyl, metal, or wood, screen doors consist of a screen area akin to primary window screen seen on the top half of the door. Some doors have screen panels on the bottom too.

Screen doors are ideal summer companions. When it to purchasing one, many sizes and varieties are available in the market. Screen doors can be bought at home décor or hardware/window stores. Installing a window door is easy and it takes only a few minutes. If you are thinking of installing a screen door, here are step by step instructions:

To begin installation, measure the height and width of the inside of your primary door opening using a well graded tape measure. An inches tape measure should be preferred. Further, note down the specifications correctly.

Next step involves shopping. However, this is not your ordinary trip to the local Wal-mart. You need to find a screen door that exactly matches the inside measurements of your primary door opening. Make sure you are as close as possible otherwise you might have to trim a larger screen door to ensure proper fit. You can visit hardware stores and home décor shops/suppliers for doors and windows. Large stores stock an extensive variety of screen door frames, roller devices, screening, colors and finishes. In case the new screen door has excess width, trimming should be done equally from both sides. Tip: Why don’t you explain your specifications and let the salesman do the hard work.

Once door is home, the surface mounted hinges are to be screwed into the frame of your primary door. At least three hinges are recommended to firmly attach the screen door. Moreover, if the screen frame doesn’t have pre-drilled holes for mounting hinges, you may have to drill three to four pilot holes yourself.

In case you have to drill pilot holes in the screen door, make sure that the hinges in the screen door are akin or in line with those in the primary door frame. After drilling, screw in the hinges and screws. Also, the handles are to be attached to the screen door. To accomplish this, use simple screws hammer the handles with the door. Any door latches can also be attached to the frame of the screen door.

By now, the screen door is finally taking the right fit and shape. Proceed and lift the screen door to firmly place it in the primary door frame. Thoroughly check the door for proper fit. If there are any discrepancies, remove the door and trim it for a better fit.

Once the door fits in properly, have someone help you place the screen door in the primary door frame. The other person can hold the screen door up while you work on attaching it.

After combining the two doors successfully, you can proceed to install the pneumatic or hydraulic door closers. There are myriad door closers available in the market. Some have chain stops while other have springs to keep the screen door from slamming.

This is the final step and here you make sure that your newly installed screen door closes and opens with ease. Also ensure whether the fit and finish is good or not. Make some final adjustments if required.
If all goes well, you’ll have a nice new screen door to let in the cool breeze and provide great air ventilation throughout your home.

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