Roller banner stands are fairly a new trend to the business world, although the concept is not so new. You may be wondering what they are, who uses them, and when should they be utilized. You may also be wondering why you, yourself should use roller banner stands, and just exactly how you should do so.

What roller banner stands are?

Roller banner stands, a.k.a. pull up banners, retractable banner stands, and roller banner systems, are exactly what the name implies. They are portable stands that contain a roller mechanism that allows a graphic banner to be rolled out and displayed on the stand. Although the most common ones display a single-sided banner, there are some that permit double-sided banner displays. There’s also some that utilize graphic cartridges so the graphics or banners can easily be interchanged.

Who uses roller banner stands?

Roller banner stands can be used by a wide variety of consumers. They can be used by marketing promoters for any type of large corporation or small businesses. Roller banner stands can also be used by various instructors, professional speakers, and charity organizations. Basically, roller banner stands can be used by anyone who has a message or graphics they want to bring attention to by displaying a banner.

When to use roller banner stands?

Roller banner stands are used whenever someone needs a highly portable, yet reusable display. Since these stands are very compact, lightweight, and free standing, they make valuable marketing tools. These stands come in a variety of types and styles, so you can use them whenever you want to expand your business through presentations at various events. You can use the stands whenever you want to create a media backdrop or walls for your exhibition stand. You can also use them when you want to greet visitors, or just want to draw in a crowd. The roller banner stands can be used as part of a sales conversion process or advertising campaign. They can also be used on speaking tours, or help to project a stylish or professional image.

Where to use roller banner stands?

Since there are a variety of roller banner stands, they can be used in various settings. Some are designed for strictly indoor use, while others are strictly for outdoor usage. Others are designed for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Indoor types are great for use at exhibitions, conventions, show rooms, and trade shows. They’re also good for use in reception areas, foyers, auditoriums, lecture halls, hotels, retail shops, and museums. Outdoor types are designed to have water or sand put into the stands to help stabilize them, as well as have banners that are flexible to withstand wind. The outdoor banners should also be weatherproofed to withstand moisture from rain, snow, or fog. Outdoor roller stands are perfect for agricultural events, farmers’ markets, fairs, and sidewalk sales events. The indoor/outdoor types can be used in all these, plus many more places where a free standing, lightweight display frame is recommended.

Why use roller banner stands?

There are many reasons why you should use roller banner stands. They are an affordable and effective way to advertise or promote a business or product. They’re simple, quick, and easy to use in a wide variety of locations. Roller banner stands are versatile, reusable, and easy to store and transport. They’re stylish, project a professional image, and are highly customizable. For instance, they can be printed with a business logo, name, and strap line, service image, product information, or some other type of graphics or presentation information.

How to use roller banner stands?

Although the stands may vary, the setup is basically the same for all the different types. It’s basically just a matter of taking the stand out of its carrying case. Then you place the stand wherever you want the display to be. When the stand is in the correct place, you simply attach the pole to it, roll out the banner and fasten it to the top of the pole. If there are poor lighting conditions, you may want to add in a supplementary lighting system.

When you are ready to dismantle your display, all you have to do is unclip the banner from the pole. Usually it will automatically feed itself back inside the cassette for safe storage. However, some may require that you manually roll the banner back into the cylinder. Either way, you’ll need to wipe the dust and moisture off the banner before retracting it, so it’ll be ready to use next time. Once you have the banner retracted, you merely place it back in its carrying case and store it in a cool, dry area.

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