Pocket watches are becoming popular again. Why keep your pocket watch in a drawer when not in use? A pocket watch stand is a wonderful way to display a favorite pocket watch. Not only does a stand showcase a pocket watch it also keeps it safe from accidents and gives it a home so that you always know where it is. Stands with dome tops also ensure that the pocket watch will remain dust-free and safe from humidity.

Pocket watch stands are available in many different styles. A favorite one is a moon crest stand. This has a little shelf in which the pocket watch can sit. There is no need to unhook the watch from the chain because the base of this stand is meant to hold the chain. Choose from different stains to match your décor. The pocket watch sits at a slight angle and becomes a decorative item to be enjoyed and admired. The tilt of the watch also allows you to check the time at a glance.

Another favorite is one that looks like an arch over a shallow bowl. The pocket watch is meant to hang from a small hook at the top of the arch. This one is attractive in maple wood with different stains to choose from. Brass highlights bring out the shine of the wood, further enhancing the hanging pocket watch. This watch stand is available in larger sizes for larger pocket watches. Place in an area where it will be admired as well as let you know the time. Arched stands also come in gold or silver. Thin gold or silver arches allow more of the pocket watch to be the center of attention. Watches hang from a small hook at the top of the arch.

Domed watch stands come with a glass dome over a wooden, gold, silver or pewter base. A small hook hangs down from the top of the dome. These displays allow the watch to be viewed while keeping it free of dust. They also keep the watches free of humidity for states where this is a problem. The clear glass dome catches the eye and draws it towards the show-cased pocket watch.

Designed by the Franklin Mint and presented by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is a 10-Point Buck pocket watch with stand that is, in itself, a work of art. Add a pocket watch for a dramatic display. A silver buck stands proudly on a gold base with gold boulders at his feet. Behind the buck stands a golden tree with its branches of leaves spread wide to hold a pocket watch. The tree is accented with 24 karat gold and finished in an antiqued patina.

Lovers of Celtic lore will appreciate a Celtic design watch stand made out of pewter. This stand has the Celtic never-ending knot out of polished solid pewter designed in England. The pocket watch sits safely at the top of the Celtic knot. Tall and slender, this watch stand is an eye-grabber that will enhance any pocket watch it holds.

For the art deco fans there is a brass cobra pocket watch stand designed in France. The cobra is made out of vintage brass and stands ready to strike. Coiled at the bottom, it holds its mouth open wide and it is here that a hook holds onto a pocket watch. This art deco piece has wonderful detail portraying the cobra’s scales and eyes. This pocket watch stand will make a dramatic statement as it holds the watch and prepares to strike.

Antique lovers will appreciate the French Ormolu antique pocket watch stand. This is a whimsical stand which can hold a pocket watch on one side and a fancy perfume bottle on the other. A metal dog with glass eyes holds the vine that holds the watch and perfume bottle. The little dog sits up and holds the ormolu vine with his two front paws. Amidst the bronze leaves is one white pearl. This is not only a pocket watch holder but a conversation piece as well.

There are many styles of pocket watch stands available. Look around, find one that makes you happy and display your pocket watch proudly.

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