Plasma television has gained increasing popularity within the past few years. This technology is noted for its superior quality image and its space conscious design. For the space conscious designer, this is the television of choice, because of its ability to be mounted on the wall and in other configurations. Each configuration aims to provide viewing flexibility and space conservation.

Plasma TV wall mounts were designed to assist the home designer in attaching the flat panel televisions to the walls. The mounts are available in a variety of styles and range in costs depending upon the features offered.

Low Profile or Fixed Flat Panel Wall Mount

The low profile plasma TV mount is the least flexible and typically most economical of the wall mounts. This design has little to no range of motion. This type of LCD plasma TV mount is for the express purpose of providing support for the plasma television. Many feature an extra locking mechanism for additional safety, as well as, a Lift and Lock technology for easy installation. While this type of wall mount is easy to install, cable management is usually not included with the mount itself. If the consumer desires for the cables to remain hidden, a professional installation person can design a solution to hide power cables within the wall or other innovative solution.

The fixed panel wall mount price varies depending upon the size of the flat panel plasma television and the type of wall mount. For a plasma television weighing no more than 40 lbs. and is between 13 inches and 32 inches, the consumer can find a wall mount as low as $19.99. Fixed wall mounts featuring shelves for audio visual equipment start at $99.

Tilting Plasma TV Swivel Mount

The tilting plasma television wall mount is similar to the fixed panel wall mount. However, the tilting wall mount allows a pivoting range of motion that will adjust the television typically between 0 degrees and 20 degrees. The tilting motion maximizes the height range that the television can be mounted. For instance, if the television is mounted above a fireplace mantle, the wall mount can be adjusted downward to allow for viewing pleasure while sitting on the couch. Additionally, tilting the plasma television may reduce glare on the screen. This design is also popular in business applications, where a television may be mounted for the business’s customers.

Some of the tilting wall mounts have both horizontal and vertical adjustments. For an additional cost, some tilting wall mounts even come equipped with theft resistant fasteners and heavy gauge steel construction. Again, cable management is typically not included; therefore, a professional will have to be consulted to assist the consumer.

Prices of the tilting wall mount begin at $39.99 and continue beyond $230 for more advanced features. The wall mounts vary in size and the prices will adjust accordingly.

Full Motion or Articulated Plasma Television Wall Mount

Full motion universal plasma TV wall mounts provide the consumer with omni-directional motion. Most articulated wall mounts have 3 rotating points to allow full range of motion in virtually any direction. These types of devices allow the plasma television to remain flush to the wall when retracted. Alternatively, some designs allow the television to be extended as much as 28 inches from the wall. The screen can be rotated fully to the right or to the left or alternatively tilted vertically. Many of these wall mounts even accommodate monitors that can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position.

The flexibility and range of motion of this type of wall mount allows the television to be installed in various locations that may otherwise be obstructed by piece of furniture or an annoying glare. Because this model contains many moving parts, it may be slightly more difficult to install. The consumer may opt to hire a professional or solicit some assistance for this installation.

Prices for articulated wall mount vary. The prices vary depending upon the size of the plasma television, the manufacturer and the number of features available. The prices for these units typically start around $130 and can be as expensive as $500 or more.

Under the Cabinet and Plasma TV Ceiling Mounts

Though the ceiling mounts and under the cabinet mounts are not wall mounts per se, they provide the consumer with flexibility and space conservation. Because of the mounting location, most of these mounts allow the consumer full range of motion. This allows the television to be easily tucked away under the cabinet in a kitchen, for instance. Many businesses make use of the ceiling mounts to deter theft and maximize viewing pleasure.

A professional is recommended for these installations. The prices begin at $130 and can be as expensive as $500 or more depending upon the features offered, the manufacturer, and the size of the plasma television.

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