So you find yourself the proud owner of a new plasma tv – lucky you! Now you need to decide on the best way to mount your new toy to the wall. One of the great advantages of a plasma tv is its slender design, which makes it possible to mount it on a wall and free up the floor space where the old television set lived. There are several options available in plasma TV brackets, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to know which to purchase.

First and foremost, safety is the priority when choosing your plasma TV mounting brackets. It is essential to choose plasma TV wall brackets that are designed for the specific weight of your television, and once that is established, you can then decide on designs and features. Some important factors you should consider are mounting for a specified screen angle, durability and a swivel feature. It is always best to choose mounting brackets that are specifically designed for your brand of plasma television.

If you want to purchase the very best type of plasma tv mount, look for plasma TV articulating brackets. These brackets give you the ability to adjust your television left/right and up/down. This is especially helpful if your plasma tv is in a large room with lots of viewing angles. However, if your television will be mounted in a small room, a fixed bracket should be just fine.

Here are some examples of available plasma TV brackets including their average prices:

  • Flat Mount:  This is the simplest and least expensive type of mounting bracket. You simply hang your television on it, much like hanging a mirror. The disadvantage of this type of bracket is the inability to move and adjust your flat screen once it’s mounted. Prices for this type of bracket range anywhere from $16.99 to $140 depending on the size, weight and brand of your plasma tv.
  • Swivel Mount:  This type of mounting bracket gives you the ability to swivel your television slightly to the left or the right, but it does not allow for up and down movement. The price range on these brackets varies widely from about $25 up to approximately $250. Again, the lower priced brackets are intended for very small monitors or televisions, and the larger your plasma tv is, the more expensive the mounting bracket will be.
  • Tilt Mount:  This type of bracket, also known as an articulating bracket, allows for left and right movement of your television as well as up and down movement. The price range for this item can start around $30 and go all the way up to $400 or more. For those who want the most deluxe articulating bracket, for around $800, you can have a fully motorized model complete with remote control.
  • Ceiling Mount:  This mounting bracket will hang your monitor or television from the ceiling. This option usually works best for smaller tvs, but ceiling brackets are made for as large as 55″ screens. Obviously, mounting your television from the ceiling can pose challenges depending on weight and the type of ceiling you have.
  • Pop Up or Lift Entertainment Center:  A high-tech alternative to mounting your plasma tv to the wall or ceiling, is the motorized entertainment center. These come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, and appear to be tasteful pieces of furniture that seem to magically produce a television on command. However, these beauties will set you back $1000-$4000, so it’s not the most practical solution.

Some very important things to consider when choosing your plasma tv brackets are:

  • The type of wall you will be mounting your television to – for example, if the wall is sheetrock, you may need to reinforce the wall depending on the weight of the tv. Make sure that you have the proper type of nails or screws for your particular type of wall.
  • The amount of cables that will be going into and out of your television and how you plan to hide them. Some mounting brackets are equipped with cable management features, so be sure to take that into consideration before purchasing.
  • Perhaps the most important factor in your decision will be the weight of your plasma tv. Safety and security of your equipment should be your highest priority. Make sure that whatever type of brackets you choose are specifically designed to handle the weight of your television. The long term safety of your family, equipment and even your wall could be at stake.

No matter which option you choose for your plasma tv, it may be well worth the cost to have it professionally installed. Sometimes, the cost of your plasma TV wall mount bracket includes professional installation – just ask before you buy. Good luck, and happy viewing!

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