Why Use A Plasma TV Mount?

Once you invest in an updated and sharp looking plasma television for your home, you certainly want to ensure that wherever you place it, it will be safe and secure. Plasma TV wall mounts are a popular way to display your TV, keeping it away from children and pets. In addition, plasma TV mounts free up floor space, leaving more room for toys, books, furniture, or perhaps that new sound system you’ve been longing for. Whatever the reason, wall mounts are the perfect alternative to placing your TV on a stand.

What Types of Plasma TV Wall Mounts Are There?

When choosing to purchase a wall mount for your plasma TV, the choices are plentiful and perhaps even a bit overwhelming. There are 5 basic types of wall mounts to choose from, which make up the majority of TV mount sales. Once you know what you are looking for in your wall mount, you can narrow your search to brand name and price.

Fixed Plasma TV Mounts

The most basic type to choose from, fixed plasma TV wall mounts are secured to the wall exactly as you install them. They cannot move and have the least flexibility in terms of wall mounts. These types of mounts are ideal for rooms where you will not be adjusting your TV to different angles. Basically, you choose the best location for your television and enjoy a great, yet stationary view of the TV. Because of their basic structure, fixed mounts are the cheapest to choose from and cost between $30 and $100.

Tilt Plasma TV Mounts

A tilt TV wall mount is similar to a fixed one, in that it has limited mobility and is secured in one location on the wall. As an added benefit however, tilt wall mounts can be tilted up or down to gain a better angle of the television. This is ideal for rooms where there is one central location for the TV, but maybe you have a glare or awkward angle. These mounts are affordable options and cost about the same as fixed mounts, around $30 to $100 depending on brand name and quality.

Swivel Plasma TV Mounts

If you want to be able to angle your television up or down, left or right, then a swivel mount may be just for you. Your plasma television will sit on the mount and can be swiveled in different directions to achieve your desired position. Swivel mounts are ideal for just about any room and allows you to angle the TV to your preference. Because of the added features, swivel mounts cost more and range from $60 to $300.

Articulating Plasma TV Mounts

Moving up on the ladder are articulating wall mounts, which have all the features of swivel mounts, but allow you to alter the tilt of your TV on its sides. Instead of just being able to tilt your television to the left or right, you can tilt the sides in up and down motions. This adds to the flexibility of the TV and allows you greater viewing. These models cost anywhere between $75 to $100.

Full Motion Plasma TV Mounts

Full motion plasma TV mounts are the most flexible wall mounts available for TV viewers and rotate in a full circle. They tilt, swivel, swing, and extend in different directions. The plasma television sits on the swivel arm, so that it can be moved in all different angles. The TV can be pulled out from the wall and angled so that it can be seen from a number of rooms in the home, or it can be pushed in and appear as a fixed mount. Since they are the newest and most advanced, full motion plasma mounts cost $50 to $500.

Will My Plasma TV Fit on a Mount?

Generally yes, most mounts are designed to be universal and fit just about any type of plasma TV on the market. There are some mounts that are designed specifically for certain brands and lines of TVs, but most commonly, brackets are included to fit any model of flat panel televisions. To be on the safe side, be sure to read your owner’s manual before buying a wall mount. The owner’s manual may recommend a certain brand or type of TV mount that will be most beneficial for your television.

Where Can I Find the Best Prices on Wall Mounts?

Fortunately, with all the tools consumers have available to them, finding plasma TV ceiling mounts at great prices is certainly achievable. As with any type of product, wall mounts that are manufactured by name-brand companies will have you paying more. If you’re comfortable using low-profile companies, you can save nearly $70 for the same product. To help you in your search, read customer reviews online that will share common likes and dislikes about the product.

Furthermore, many online shopping websites will reduce their prices by a certain percentage and offer free shipping and handling, making this more attractive then purchasing the TV mount in-store. Whichever type of plasma television mount you choose, know that you can design your room any way you please and add your TV as the final touch.

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