When purchasing a plaid scarf, it is important to consider whether you want a true, designer plaid scarf such as Burberry or are willing to purchase a non-designer plaid scarf. This distinction is important, because if you decide to splurge and purchase a Burberry scarf, you need to be aware that many vendors and online stores sell counterfeit Burberry scarves. It is up to you to know whether the product you are purchasing is truly high-quality, or has been mass-manufactured by some factory to appear like a high-quality product.

The luxury brand Burberry was created in 1865 by Thomas Burberry. In 1920 was when it began selling its famous plaid scarves, loved by the wealthy, influential, and powerful people of that day. The most popular wool plaid scarf pattern from Burberry is the black, tan, and red checked pattern. Burberry created other colored patterns of the traditional plaid scarf, after the black/tan/red pattern became associated with gangs in the 1990s. Even to this day, however, the Burberry pattern woven into plaid scarves is associated with classy style and immense wealth. Prices for plaid scarves range from $225 to $495 on the Burberry website, at www.burberry.com.

Other high-end designers have begun utilizing the plaid pattern in their making of scarves, due to its immense popularity. One such brand is Juicy Couture. This brand makes clothing exclusively for young women and is known for being trendy, hip, edgy, mixed with a bit of sorority sweetness. The “crinkled plaid scarves” sold by Juicy Couture are very stylish and rather inexpensive when compared to plaid scarves sold by Burberry. Juicy Couture sells its plaid scarves for $68, and they can be purchased through Neiman Marcus at www.neimanmarcus.com. The Juicy Couture plaid scarves are a shorter style, meant to be worn during spring or summer, rather than as winter wear.

If you want the Burberry style of plaid scarves, without the expensive price tag, there are many other places to look online. Kohl’s is a department store, offering great prices for stylish clothing. Apt 9 is one of the brands offered at Kohl’s and is very, very inexpensive when compared to Burberry and Juicy Couture. Apt 9 plaid scarves come in a variety of plaid patterns and colors, and run about $15 to $20. You can find Apt 9 clothing and plaid scarves at www.kohls.com.

To wear a black plaid scarf and convey the image of classy style, there are various outfits with which a plaid scarf can be worn. Pairing a mens plaid scarf with a dark tan or black trench coat is a chic look, worn by many upper-class women in sophisticated cities like New York City or L.A. Plaid scarves can also look great when paired with a chunky sweater during the winter time, conveying classy comfort and luxury. Try pairing a Burberry plaid scarf with a DKNY heavy-knit sweater for the ultimate look of elegant comfort and indulgence during the chilly winter months.

There are also various kinds of plaid scarves you can purchase, aside from knitted plaid scarves meant for wear during the winter season. Italian silk scarves and cashmere scarves are other luxurious options for plaid scarves. Italian silk scarves are lightweight and can be paired with a gorgeous blouse for a business luncheon or work attire. These airy scarves are a nice accessory to any formal or casual outfit. Try pairing a cute plaid, Italian silk scarf with a pair of skinny jeans and white t-shirt for an upscale, yet casual, look.

When looking for discounted designer plaid scarves, the places to look are www.ebay.com and www.amazon.com. On www.amazon.com, when searching for “plaid scarf,” one can find over five hundred results. Among these results are some truly great deals. For example, Dahlia is a brand offering the traditional red / tan / gray plaid scarf for only $31.00. Levi’s offers a great “Americana” red, white, and blue scarf for only $12.00, which would be a great accessory to wear with some Levi’s jeans as well. There is even a Burberry cashmere, cashmere plaid scarf on Amazon for $130.00, which is considerably cheaper than the regular $400 pricetag.

At www.ebay.com, you can find many more designer scarves at discounted prices. Typically, scarves can be purchased on eBay for less than $50.00.

Plaid scarves are a great fashion statement for conveying the image of wealth, power, and luxury. In addition, many great deals can be found at department stores and online for plaid scarves. Otherwise, if you want the real deal, you can expect to pay between $60 to $500 for a top-designer plaid scarf.


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