Ceiling lights come in a variety of styles with a diverse choice of diffuser options such as colored glass, frosted glass, cloth and fabric. Ceiling lights are available flushed, semi-flushed or hanging. Modern ceiling lighting can be sophisticated, cool, under-stated or funky. There are ceiling lights to suit all sorts of tastes and personalities. Depending on the ceiling light, it can either blend into the background or be the star of the show.

Hubbardton Forge lights are known for their geometric designs and art glass. They are created by hand in Vermont and come in several attractive finishes. These modern ceiling lights are available in colors such as Water Glass, Blue Haze and Amber Swirl. Hubbardton Forge also has some rustic-looking modern designs in colors such as Dark Smoke and Bronze. These modern ceiling lights are bold, yet understated.

Pendant ceiling lights also come in a variety of choices. These hang from the ceiling and are often grouped together for a sophisticated look. The Inner Fire FreeJack Pendant is a small teardrop-shaped glass surrounded by a larger teardrop-shaped glass from Murano. There are color choices in both the inner and outer glass as well as a choice of frosted or clear glass. Colors available are amber, cobalt, red and white. Hang these modern pendants low or high, alone or in a group for an eclectic look.

Another modern pendant is the Cone FreeJack Pendant. These glass cones come in several color choices including red, cobalt, apricot and emerald. They have a reflective white interior and can be hung at a variety of lengths. They can be hung alone or in a cluster and will add a cosmopolitan look to any room either way.

LBL Lighting has created the Volo Suspension ceiling light with an ultra modern look. Looking like upside-down canisters, these lights are made of brushed stainless steel and are ideal for home, office or restaurant. Choose a stem that is 30”, 42” or 60” long. These incandescent lights are simple and functional and will give any room an avant-garde look.

Artemide has designed the Skydro ceiling light for a modern look that is completely different from other lights. This light is a luminaire that mounts right against the ceiling and gives off indirect halogen lighting. It is designed to look like a cluster of large smooth pebbles in a shiny mercury color. The pebbles reflect light off each other which creates an even brighter room. This light is available in Electrified (halogen) and Non-electrified versions and is made of aluminum and thermoplastic. Choose from one cluster to a whole bunch of clusters. The entire ceiling can be covered with these pebbles creating a truly unique look.

Equally unique, yet totally different, is the Joy ceiling light designed by Delucchi & Paganini. This modern light is designed with a beehive construction and is made of 32 modular blades honeycombing in a circle. When the light is turned on the whole ceiling comes alive in a honeycomb pattern. This light is available with a compact fluorescent light bulb or a Globolux.

Iron tendrils sway from the ceiling and crystals hang from the branches in the Jahreszeiten ceiling light from Anthologie Quartett. This incandescent light was made in Germany and designed by Michael Topor. Iron, crystal and brass combine in this exceptional ceiling light. This ceiling light is a conversation piece and a show-stopper and will not blend into the background.

The Aura 45 ceiling light was created with a double layer of hand-twisted glass ribbons. Each glass ribbon was made individually, therefore, no two are alike and any imperfections only add to the uniqueness of this ceiling light. The ribbons are made of Murano glass by Master Murano glass makers and hang from the polished steel ceiling plate in varying sizes. A double-envelope halogen bulb is required but not included. These lights come in several colors as well as different shapes.

Modern ceiling lights come in a diverse assortment and in varying degrees of modern. Some are under-stated and some pop out and are the first thing noticed upon entering the room. The one thing that is certain, however, is that there are modern ceiling lights to suit any décor.

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