You can add elegance, interest, and illumination to any room of your home with the addition of a pendant ceiling light to various areas of a room. You can find a pendant style light for almost any decorating scheme you can imagine. This type of lighting is an economical investment.

In certain situations, you need lighting in a specific area of a room, but not in the entire room. Overhead lighting can be more than you need and can add more to your electric bill than a single light would. Pendant lights with a downward globe or shade illuminates a specific space. They work well at a craft table, kitchen work space, or above a bathroom vanity area. A pendant light is ideal for a reading area or child’s play area.

Novelty style pendant lights can be very appealing to a child. A young boy would probably love a pendant light in a race car, airplane, or truck design. This type of light could also be used as part of a nursery design. If you are decorating a nursery for a baby girl or creating an appealing design for a young girl’s bedroom, a pendant light with shimmering pink beads would be a possible choice of pendant light.

The variety of pendant light styles allows them to be incorporated into any design style. You can express your wildest decorating dreams with pendant lights. There are some unique, artistically designed lights that are so creative in design they would certainly become a conversation piece for your home. Art glass pendant lights can add an explosion of color to a room. Brilliant red globes can energize a room. Multi colored globes add a festive atmosphere to a room.

If you have a small space that needs illuminating, mini pendant ceiling lights would be a good choice. The choice of globe or shade can affect its ability to blend with or enhance your room design. Oval or rectangular shapes work well in a small corner space. Large spherical light designs are wonderful for filling a larger open area. Spherical pendant lights add a sense of openness to a room.

Many modern designed rooms are decorated with black, white, and silver colored furniture and decor items. Glass pendant ceiling lights can easily be found in these sleek, sophisticated color tones. You could also pot to let your pendant light bring a burst of unexpected color to your modern design plan. An Asian style pendant light with a black and red shade is versatile enough to be a part of a modern style room or an eclectic style room.

At the opposite end of the decorating spectrum, pendant lights can be successfully incorporate into a retro design. A pendant light in a retro aqua, red, or orange color are easy to find. A pendant light with a round amber ball globe could take any living area back in time.

If you are searching for the perfect style of lighting for a country or rustic decor, you can find some wonderfully appropriate pendant ceiling lights to add to your home or vacation cabin. Pendant lights with moose, antlers, or forest motifs are just a few of your choices. A mini pendant light with a faux leather shade would be an excellent addition to the corner of a western themed family room. It could also provide soft, romantic lighting in a rustic style bedroom.

Pendant ceiling lights can be an used on a patio or front entry way. The illumination from a single pendant light can be just the amount of light needed to enjoy a relaxing evening on your enclosed patio living space. Lantern style pendant lights are a functionally attractive choice of lighting for a front porch.

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