Fiberglass swimming pools have long been unfairly branded as low-end affairs that are extremely limited. Today however fiberglass pools have reached a pinnacle of success due to some nice benefits and features along with quick installation. They attract consumers today making use of their smooth interiors and reduced upkeep, but the fiberglass pools also turn many builders of gunite pools into fans of fiberglass.

Gunite Pools vs Fiberglass Pools

Phil Baxter, the owner of Baxter’s Design Pools located in Metairie, La., has distinct skills in installing gunite pools since 1979. Recently, though, he has switched virtually all his marketing endeavors to fiberglass pools after genuinely being impressed with their adaptability, trouble-free installation and low upkeep.

His group of specialist can be in and out in two weeks as opposed to the six months average a gunite pool takes. Prices range from $20,000 – $40,000 for consumers in this price range and to most buyers it is a superior product who want a reliable fast and efficient job done in nominal time.

Reason For Popularity

One particular reason behind the uptrend in fiberglass pools’ level of popularity is all of the different features offered. Cutting-edge technologies like disappearing edges, built-in solar lounges, elevated attachment beams, customized tiling and complex water-features enable the fiberglass pool to mimic the high-end appearance of their gunite counterparts. Many of these options can be found as one-piece models from fiberglass pool suppliers, while some demand inventive engineering and design strategies on the part of the installation technician.

Tiling Options

Fiberglass suppliers provide numerous pre-installed selections. Many pool installation builders have realized the fact that custom tiling fitted on site offers the most spectacular effect. Fiberglass pool shells are, for the most part, molded with a minor indentation close to the lip to permit tile inlays.

The two major tiling merchandise lines in the market provide the silicone adhesives and rubber grout required to correctly install customized tiling.

Reports from manufacturers say Porcelain tile is nearly impervious to almost everything. Over-the-lip tiling and all-tile fiberglass inground swimming pools have become extremely popular in this day of getting more for your money. The actual great thing about fiberglass is that it moves. The grout assists every tile to adhere to its neighbor, so that it will become almost impossible for any single tile to work its way out.


Fiberglass pools as compared to gunite pools for versatility, ease of installation, beauty of tiles, and the excellent fit in-ground with the molded shell is really no comparison. For price, options, benefits and the two week period for installation as compared to the average six month wait for gunite pools, why would you ever want to go with that long of a wait. Besides being almost indestructible, the pure beauty of such a pool and the many options that you can have done at the factory to custom fit your pool to your property, this really is a no- brainer for folks with a limited pocket book, but the champagne taste of a true person with an eye for excellence.

Inground fiberglass swimming pools gives you the chance to engage in the lifestyle you have always wanted but will not drain your wallet compared to the gunite option. Fiberglass pools can improve the resale value of your home by many thousands of dollars and will also improve the sale ability of surrounding properties, putting a touch of class in the real estate that surrounds your digs. Fiberglass pools are the rage for the present, but who knows what improvements await in the not to far distant future that will allow you to expand on your own creativity. The limits are only your own imagination.


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