Where would we be without kitchen drawers? Without such a necessity, we’d find so many of our utensils, cookware, and kitchen odds-and-ends sprawled clear across out counter tops or completely un-organized. Without drawers, we’d find ourselves scrambling to clear off the table or counter for making Christmas cookies or hosting guests, and we wouldn’t have the luxury of hiding the little things away easily.

Kitchen cabinet drawers and kitchen cabinets go hand in hand as fundamentals for any good cooking area. Cabinets with shelves are essential for storing pots and pans, coffee mugs and crock pots, plates and bowls. However, cabinets are not the best solution in all situations. Logically, would it work to store silverware in a cabinet? Is it convenient to stack wash cloths on a shelf? And what about all of the little necessities like matches, rubber bands, twist ties, and scissors?

For anyone who spends even the smallest amount of time in a kitchen, having drawers is a no-brainer. For the most part, kitchens always come equipped with drawers. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or are building your own house, it’s likely that drawers have crossed your mind.

Let’s look at some of options and pricing for kitchen drawer units, should you need to choose one for your design. Material for kitchen doors and drawers typically come in the same materials as do cabinet doors. In fact, when remodeling or building, the cabinets and drawers are often purchased in one set. Some materials might include oak, black walnut, maple, or laminate.

A drawer front usually ranges between $10 and $30 and comes in a variety of sizes. Some pre-set sizes fit typically built kitchen drawers. However, if you have unusually sized drawers or plan to create your own design, you may need custom drawer fronts. In this case, the drawer fronts are likely to be more expensive. Most kitchen drawers are flat, but some have raised panels or specially carved designs in the wood for extra flair.

If you’re simply remodeling your kitchen and need new drawer fronts, make sure to take all of the correct measurements beforehand. Keep an accurate list handy when comparison shopping so you know what is available in the sizes you need. If you need an estimate for custom drawers, you’ll have measurements readily available.

For those who are building a kitchen from scratch or thoroughly remodeling, extra steps must be taken. Drawers can be built in just about any shape and size you’d like. It is essential that you think carefully about what you’re aiming for in the kitchen. What size do you want your cutlery drawer to be? Do you have a specific organizer that needs to fit? Do you want a drawer specially sized for cutting boars or cake decorating supplies? What about a drawer to house all of your spices?

Think through all of the major and minor details, determining what kitchen items you want in drawers. After you have made these decisions, careful measurements must be made for height, width, and depth. Once these measurements are taken and double-checked for accuracy, then custom drawers can be built to fit the needs.

Once kitchen drawers are in place, they don’t always stay neat and orderly. However, thanks to the abounding world of organization, there are many new tricks and trades to keep your kitchen storage drawers put together. If you don’t already have one, get a cutlery organizing for all of your silverware. Plastic drawer dividers keep little items organized as well as things such as measuring cups, mixing beaters, special toppings.

Sometimes, kitchens do not have a lot of drawer space and a remodel is out of the question. What does one do in such cases? A rolling set of drawers is a convenient, affordable option for more drawer space. Thankfully, rolling drawers don’t come only in plastic these days and can be very stylish when done in wicker or mesh. These single-unit shelves with drawers are great for cook books, magazines, fruits and vegetables, glassware, water bottles, towels, and any number of other kitchen items.

Whatever types of drawers you find in your kitchen, learn to use them to your advantage. A kitchen does not function well without them.

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