Remodeling a kitchen can be hard work and the hardest part of the process is usually deciding on the styles and colors of the items that are being added to the kitchen. Picking the perfect kitchen doors for your kitchen can be especially difficult because of the large number of models and styles available to choose from. When choosing doors for your kitchen, there are several things that should be considered to ensure that you are getting the right doors for your needs.

Choosing A Color

When choosing cabinet kitchen doors for your kitchen, one of the most important decisions that needs to be made is what color doors to buy. Cupboard kitchen doors come in a wide variety of colors, enabling any homeowner to choose doors that complement their kitchen color scheme. The colors that are used on the walls and floor of the kitchen will typically dictate what colors are chosen for the replacement kitchen doors.

Wooden kitchen doors are very popular choices because wood can complement nearly any color scheme. If your kitchen colors are warmer tones, then medium colored wooden kitchen doors such as oak or light cherry may be the best complement to your colors. Kitchens that are painted or wallpapered in lighter, cool colors will find that maple or pine kitchen doors coordinate well with the color scheme. If darker hues are your preference, you may want to consider dark cherry or walnut kitchen doors for the area.

If the color of wood is not inspiring as an addition to your kitchen, then you should consider paint grade kitchen doors that can be painted to match or complement the existing colors in the kitchen area. These doors can be purchased painted in the color desired or purchased as an unfinished product to allow the homeowner to paint the doors in the exact color that they desire. The doors can be painted with glossy, semi-gloss, or matte paint to create the look that the homeowner wants for their kitchen.

Choosing A Style

Kitchen door styles fall into one of five different categories: Inset, Lipped, Partial Overlay, Full Overlay, and Tambour. Inset kitchen doors are tightly fitted into the front of the cabinet and require a door knob or door pull to open correctly. The Lipped style of glass kitchen doors is similar to the inset style, but instead of the entire door sitting flush with the cabinet face, part of the door rests on the surface of the cabinet. Lipped kitchen doors also need a door pull or knob for opening the door.

Partial overlay doors are the most common type of kitchen door purchased. These doors cover most of the face frame of the pantry cabinets, leaving about 1 inch of reveal on the frame. Full overlay doors leave very little to no reveal on the frame so the cabinet is a virtually unbroken wall of oak kitchen doors. Tambour doors are installed on a track and can be raised, lowered, or slid from side to side to reveal the contents of the cabinet.

Choosing A Design

There are many different designs of cheap kitchen doors available to choose from as well. Some people prefer plain, flat kitchen doors that are all one color while others prefer more elegant or flashy designs and choose doors that have recessed designs or curved arches embossed on the door. Each manufacturer will have a number of different designs available, including unique and difficult to find designs, so it may be best to go online and review the kitchen door designs available from several different retailers before leaving the home to shop for the items.

Taking the time to carefully consider all of the options available for stainless kitchen doors will increase the chances that you will be content with your kitchen door purchase for many years to come.

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