There are many methods for sharpening scissors at home. These methods range from simple to complicated. The more complicated the method, however, the more effective it will be. All of these methods can be done easily at home. Some will require more preparation than others.

Stone Sharpening Method

This is the traditional method. Depending upon the scissors to be sharpened, this may be the most effective.

The following items are needed:

A whetstone or sharpening stone:

The basic whetting stone is an aluminum oxide bench stone. It’s generally good to select a large grit stone. If possible, purchase several grit surface levels for a more precise sharpening. These may be bought at a hardware store. Any flat stone from the yard will not do. This may actually dull the blade rather than sharpen it. The more money and time given to sharpening the scissors, the sharper they will be and the longer they will last.

Honing oil or light machine/lubricating oil:

Drop some honing oil or other light machine/lubricating oil onto the sharpening stone.

Disassemble the scissors if possible. It is simpler and more effective to sharpen each scissor blade individually. If the scissor blades won’t detach, open the scissor blades as wide as possible. In this way, the entire blade on each side will be sharpened. Sharpen the blade diagonally against the stone, at the angle of the blade.

The scissors should be positioned away from the sharpener for safety reasons. The idea is to lay the flaked of the metal down rather than shave them off. Run the rough side of the sharpening stone diagonally along the beveled side of the blade. If several grit stones are available, begin with the large grit and then continue down until the fine surface stone finishes the sharpening.

Repeat with the other blade. Remove any pieces that may flake off during the process before using the scissors. Open and close the scissors several times.

Here are some other tips on using a whetstone or other sharpening or whetting stone to sharpen scissors:
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The Cylinder Method: No “Disassembly” Required

This is a simple kind of rudimentary swage method. All that is needed is an empty glass soda bottle or a screwdriver. Shut the scissors so the blades are grasping the bottle or screwdriver at the pivot point of the scissors. In other words, act as if the scissors are cutting the object in two. This will sharpen the blades from the pivot point to the tip. Repeat as needed. This forces a clean sharp edge on the scissors.

The Making the Cut Method, Version 1

Run-of-the-mill household aluminum foil or sandpaper will be required. Fold the sheet in half. Cut through it numerous times with the scissors. Repeat as needed.

The Making the Cut Method, Version 2

Steel wool is needed. The kind of steel wool used for household cleaning purposes will be perfect. Cut through the steel wool, making certain to cover the entire length of the blades. Repeat as necessary.

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