Mounting your television on the wall saves space and prevents damage to the television. Luckily, it is an easy task that can be performed with a few simple tools and minimal skill. Here are the steps to getting that movie theater effect you desire.

1. Know your house. Is your house made for wall mounting? You should know that you won’t be interfering with wiring as well as the kind of studs you have. If you have metal studs, wall mounting a television or any other appliance is not a good idea. Mark your studs, because you will need to drill directly into them.

2. Check your television owner’s manual. There will likely be mounting guidelines. They will recommend a specific brand and type of bracket, but also give you a VESA number. Any bracket with this number should work for your television. When you are buying the bracket, it should say on the box what size television it is meant for. Make sure you buy a bracket made for your size and weight of television. Different brackets may allow you to swivel your television, so think hard about what is right for your viewing habits and your television room.

3. Know what you are going to do with the wires. Some people use the cable raceways and covers that can be bought at any electronics store. If you are confident in your wiring skill, you can route the wires through the wall behind your mounted television. Obviously you will need to decide ahead of time which wiring solution works best for your room and your level of skill. There is a guide to in-wall wiring here: CrutchField: In Wall Wiring.

4. Attach your television to the bracket. Keep the television upright, as laying it face-down can damage it. Generally, the mounting holes will be on the back of the television covered by plastic caps. Remove these caps with a screwdriver and line of the screw holes of the bracket and the television. Then, attach the mount to the television with the screws provided. Note: do not follow these instructions if they conflict with those that came with your television or your bracket.

5. Attach the wall portion of the bracket to the wall. Make sure you are happy with the height and the placement of the television that you have chosen before beginning this step. The best way to do this is to mark where you want the bottom of your television to be, checking with a level to be sure it is straight, and then using this as a guide for placing the wall mount. Next, drill the bracket into the studs behind your walls.

6. Hang the television. Get a helper for this part. Lift the television together and line up the television brackets with the wall brackets. Have your helper hold the television while you screw the television bracket to the wall bracket. Check that the television is level, then attach your cables.

As you can see, mounting a television on the wall is not as difficult as many people think. By following these instructions and those that came with your television and mounting brackets, you will soon be enjoying the professional appearance of a wall-mounted television.


CructhField: Flatpanel Installation

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