It can be difficult to decide how to decorate a room, especially if you already have several furniture pieces that you will need to match. Often stores will discontinue the style that you are looking for, or simply do not have the piece your looking for in the correct style. Mirrored chests can be an excellent addition to a room, especially when you need something that will fit in with the existing decor. It not only fits with many styles but can also add a unique sparkle and character to your room.

A mirrored chest of drawers, as is indicated by its name, is decorated with mirrors. Generally the outside of the drawers have a mirrored inlay while the rest of the piece is wood. However, some pieces have mirroring on the sides, top, or in accent strips as well. A few are completely covered in reflective surfaces. There are many options as to what type of mirroring is used in the piece. Some pieces of furniture use ordinary reflective mirrors, while others have artistic etching in the glass, or use a smokier mirror for a different effect. Etched pictures or framing will give the piece more character and make it feel more uniquely yours, but it will also increase the price.

Mirrored accents can do wonders for the decor in your home, especially if the decorating has begun to feel stale or old fashioned. Mirrored front chests are relatively uncommon, thus giving the room a style that is unique to you. Since the reflective surfaces will showcase whatever happens to be in the room, these pieces of furniture can fit with a number of different styles and color schemes, accenting some of your favorite parts of the room. Furthermore, the light reflected from the mirrored surfaces will brighten the room and make everything near it appear sharper and in better contrast. It will also enhance the look of candles or other romantic lighting, making a mirrored lingerie chest an excellent addition to your master bedroom.

One of the best things a mirrored chest can do is make a small room look bigger. The depth of the reflections tricks the eye into perceiving more space. This makes mirrored chest furniture an ideal option to open up a cramped and dark space. Lighter colors around the mirrors will also enhance the feeling of extra space.

While it provides an added sense of style and elegance, mirrored furniture can also be more difficult to maintain than a standard wooden chest. It is considerably more fragile and harder to repair if any of the mirrored surfaces should break. In addition, accumulating finger prints and dust can make black mirrored chests look dull or dirty. A simple glass cleaner is enough to solve the problem, but it can be tiresome to clean. If there are small children in the house, a mirrored chest may not be the best option. However, many of the chests with frosted mirrors are more resistant to finger prints and may be worth looking into. In addition, you may want to consider chests that have standard knobs rather than mirrored ones on the drawers in order to prevent more finger prints.

The price of a chest with mirror inlays will vary depending on the size of the piece, the type of wood used around the mirroring, the artistry of the mirror itself, and of course the craftsmanship of the piece. A small piece might only be a few hundred dollars, while large and more elaborate chests can be as much as several thousand. Due to the materials used, mirrored chests are more expensive than similar pieces of furniture without these extra accents. While the mirrors themselves are the most flashy and eye-catching part of the piece, it is important to look carefully at the basic structure as well. Strong, well made joints are crucial to increase the lifespan of any furniture and should not be ignored.

Mirrored chests are a great way to revive a dull room. They add light, make the space look larger, and give a sense of elegance to even the smallest space. The extra cleaning may be a hassle, but these unique pieces of furniture are definitely worth considering for any decorating plan.

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